6 Ways to Quit Smoking Effectively

The good psychological support from loved ones, families will have a higher chance of successfully quitting.Surely everyone knows smoking cessation is difficult and many people give up. The reason is that smokers become dependent on two factors: nicotine in tobacco and psychological factors. Nicotine is a toxic substance in tobacco smoke.

When you smoke, nicotine pervade through the lungs into the bloodstream at a rapid speed as an intravenous dose. Nicotine addicted in physically and psychologically. This dependence is increasing, making smokers smoke more to maintain nicotine levels in the blood. When stop smoking, lack of nicotine will cause many unpleasant symptoms such as restlessness, fatigue, irritability, depression, headache, cough, trouble sleeping … and as factor make smokers relapse.

On the other hand, over time, smokers hold cigarette frequently as a familiar behavior: after dinner, drinking coffee, sitting at a computer … Gradually brain will form a trail or behavior as a classical conditioning, link these things with the smoke. This is a behavioral factors make quitting more difficult.

6 Ways to Quit Smoking Effectively

Smoking cessation needs the support of relatives, friends, family … to overcome phobias, discomfort during quitting.
According to my experience, people who quit smoking need to tell friends and relatives about your decision to quit smoking to be reminded, support or sympathy of irritability during the early stage. Many studies show that people who are well supported in psychology from loved ones, families will have a higher chance of successfully quitting.

According to medical experience, what should we do when want to quit smoking? There are very practical advices for people who quit smoking:
1) Define clearly the reason to quit (prevent cancer, protect children, prevent lung disease …).
2) Prepare concrete plan (choose a date to start quitting, should choose holidays).
3) Dispose of all lighters, ashtrays … or things make you remember the cigarette.
4) Replace the familiar behaviors associated with smoking (after a meal, work computer …) with a different behavior (chewing gum, eat fruit, sports …).
5) Try to overcome cravings during the first 15 minutes by focusing on another job.
6) When you have passed the first two weeks, you should never hold back the cigarette even just for fun (the majority of relapse are from the subjective and believe that they had quit successfully and “smoke back” for fun).

Electronic cigarettes can be a temporary solution gradually closing off the smoking habit? Electronic cigarettes have nicotine. It does not help to quit nicotine addiction, and not give up the habit of holding a cigarette. Therefore, it did not help much in smoking cessation. Its effect is like a nicotine alternatives.
Electronic cigarettes do not help much in smoking cessation.

6 Ways to Quit Smoking Effectively

So what medicine to assist people to stop smoking it? Western medicine has the nicotine replacement. They can be used as chew, snuff, paste … to help smokers overcome nicotine withdrawal symptoms in the early stages. However, in the long run, leaving behaviorally or reflex smoke it requires the will of the patient, once escaped in nicotine dependence.

Generally, quitting smoking is very difficult. The only advice is to never hold a cigarette, if not want to be addicted. However, quitting is never late. Each time quit fail; the smokers will have more experience for the next time. Quit Smoking will recover cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, reducing the risk of cancer; reduce the risk of poisoning for themselves and their families.

Congratulations gentlemen who are smokers will quit this habit. In the psychological aspect, this is a tough fight, but only those who have high determination can quit. Please do not forget, the victory yourself was the important victory and most difficult.