For Yourself And Your Family – Determination to Quit Smoking

No method is known as “amazing” to quit smoking! No medicine can transform person smoke a package yesterday and quit smoke after only one day. Successfully quit smoking must depend on the “efforts” of yourself. Thus, the mandatory condition for successful smoking cessation is: Determination to stop smoking of smokers.

Determined to Quit Smoking
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To mitigate discomfort when quitting, science today has found support methods are effective, but can not substitute for the determination of people quit smoking. The support measures might include: Cognitive-behavioral treatment help the smokers prepare plans, strategies resolve difficult situations, discomfort when smoking cessation, avoiding ” pitfalls “that make smokers relapse; adjunct include nicotine replacement, bupropion, varenicilline help relieve unpleasant symptoms of nicotine withdrawal on smokers.

For Yourself And Your Family - Determination to Quit Smoking

Here, we will tell more about “Cognitive-behavioral treatment “, which is a form of psychological treatment, on the basis of the analysis of thinking – cognitive, emotion – beliefs and acts arising from thoughts and beliefs.” Cognitive-behavioral treatment “with the aim to change behavior that occurs outside the will of yourself, make hurdles to yourself and thus you want remove this behavior. This process is performed once a week and last for many months.

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The brain of smokers recognizes nicotine as an essential component, indispensable in normal neuropsychological activity. Smokers were “forced” to smoke whether they “do not want”. In this case, the use of drugs to support smoking cessation combined with determination to quit smoking will bring higher success rates.

For Yourself And Your Family - Determination to Quit Smoking

No time is called the “ideal” to quit smoking; really the best time is when smokers decide to quit smoking. Therefore, smoking cessation decision can implement immediately at the time was considered the most”difficult” and “not insurmountable”, such as job loss, family breakup, divorce. When smokers think that this time will quit smoking at all costs, it is a good time to quit.

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When quit smoking, the quitters should make reasonable diet, such as: Breakfast eat much, moderate lunch, dinner less; regular meals and avoid skipping meals; eat less fat, eat more vegetables and varied. Need to prepare some snacks like fruit, yogurt precaution when there are times of hypoglycemia in early stage of smoking cessation; avoid sweets, cakes for snacks will lead to gain weight. Excessive drinking habits should be corrected. In both cases both smokers and alcoholism must quit simultaneously.

For Yourself And Your Family - Determination to Quit Smoking

However, if this is too difficult, the need to move patients to higher level or quit drinking first and then quit smoking. Some people still drink heavily is unable to quit smoking. Besides, people who quit smoking are advised to drink coffee 2-3 times a day, focusing at noon to avoid feeling sleepy during the day; if drinking too much coffee as before will cause irritation, restlessness and insomnia in some cases. “New” Eating habits should be maintained long after smoking cessation and if possible widespread for the whole family is very good.

The smoking cessation should create the environment without smoke. In doing so, it should inform extensively for family and friends in society about smoking cessation decision of yourself and ask people to support you to quit smoking by not smoking in front, uninvited smoke.

Smoking is repeated in a long time in the fixed circumstances will smoking behavior are implemented as classical conditioning. To break the chain of classical conditioning must remove at least one chain, for example, normally after lunch you will sit back and drink tea, flossing and smoking, the smokers are recommended after eating standing up right away brushing or do something and not sit too long at the table.

For Yourself And Your Family - Determination to Quit Smoking

The risk of relapse is always lurking with people quit smoking, therefore, must be alert. Some people who quit smoking said: “Sometimes I want to smoke a cigarette for fun, but I know that if I suck back even a little, then I could not resist smoking again and so relapsing “.

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The smoking cessation will feel the benefits of smoking cessation very fast, like: No more trouble in breathing when walking up stairs; performance sports exercise improved without much effort; smell and taste will be improved; the taste of food becomes tastier. The spirit of people quit smoking will more refreshing, lighter skin color. After quitting, the risk of lung cancer will be reduced; cardiovascular risks (myocardial infarction, stroke) fell faster. So, do not hesitate, let’s quit smoking for the health of yourself and those around you!