The Harmful Effects of Tobacco Cause you to Ponder

Nobody fully anticipate the terrible harm of smoking to human health. So let’s find out terrible “death” derived from the harmful effects of tobacco?

For a long time, tobacco has been warned as a dangerous epidemic with human health. However, ignoring these words, Millions of people still smoke daily as an indispensable habit.

Tobacco can make you lose 20 years of life expectancy: You know cigarettes are at risk of lung cancer? You also know people who smoke only in 6 months will increase the risk of lung cancer up to 6.5 times, and led to a series of other diseases. This means that your cigarette robs 20-year life expectancy than the average person. But what can you do to change yourself away from the smoke?

The Harmful Effects of Tobacco Cause you to Ponder


According to the hospital, they have received numerous hospitalizations due to end-stage lung cancer. The special thing here is that the root causes of disease stemming from tobacco and the patient is unaware. If you finish smoking, you get lung cancer immediately; nobody will probably still want to smoke. But only after a long time a new disease onset, it is time already too late.

The World Health Organization did a simple experiment on human lungs. Research shows that for every 1 cigarette have toxic amounts of 18mg tar. If water color in sealed containers represents the lungs:

• Burning 150 cigarettes, water color turned yellow.
• Burning 230 cigarettes, water color changed to black (the color of coffee)
• Burning 400 cigarettes, water color switching to black.

Condensed entire water will synthesize 7,2g tar, sticky mucus. Yet smokers are still carefree to smoke 20, 25 cigarettes a day. Imagine that substances stay on our lungs after smoking for a long time, how the body will hurt? Then of course, reduced life expectancy to about 20 years will be a not too distant future.

The Harmful Effects of Tobacco Cause you to Ponder

Stroke, miscarriage even impotence because of the harmful effects of tobacco: Many people are skeptical: the smoke is merely smoke, enters the body and create a feeling of comfort, whether harmful as the press report? In cigarette smoke has up to 7000 chemicals, including 70 carcinogens.

Smoke enters the body, leads nicotine around the blood vessels. The main impact of this substance to the brain quickly makes you feel refreshed after only 10 s. However, after that time, the smoker will go into a state of dizziness, restlessness, agitation, irritability. The phenomenon of “cravings nicontine” makes you want to smoke next cigarettes and become a cycle difficult to quit.

Nicontine causes blood vessels contract, disturbances during transport to the place in the body. Atherosclerotic Forming gradually cause stroke. Condition will worsen if the smoker with a history of hypertension disease.

As for the case of pregnancy, mothers who smoke will direct negative impact on the health of the baby. Fetal weight significantly decreased the risk of premature birth, bleeding and miscarriage or malformations were unavoidable harm.


Also it’s not unfamiliar when smoke can cause men to become weak physiological or impotence. In other words, tobacco is the 3rd reason cause man separated from sex life with your lover. The rate of infertility of couples has now become quite common. If you’re holding a cigarette with daily smoking habit, then see yourself

In summary there are dozens of cancer that tobacco caused to human health such as laryngeal cancer, cancer of the bladder, kidney, cervical cancer and cancer of the esophagus.

The Harmful Effects of Tobacco Cause you to Ponder

Smoke- indirect killer:  You probably did not know the amount of people who die from tobacco was 3 times higher than the traffic accident victims and numerous times deaths due to HIV / AIDS. The harm here is the harm of tobacco just found after a period of use. It does not cause immediate consequences as traffic accidents or HIV / AIDS, so all warnings and sanctions are just “cast pearl before swine”

Despite warnings given, actively promote propaganda and tighten tobacco advertising to people. However, all the measures are not effective if people do not consciously protect their own health. What action is in you?