5 Guidelines Help You Quit Smoking

We all know that smoking is harmful to health. However, in reality, not everyone can quit easily.

Tobaccos horribly destroy your body as well as the people around you. There are many recommendations you should quit smoking, or even banned tobacco advertising in the media. However, there are many smokers say quitting smoking is actually very difficult. Here are the principles that you can quit.

5 Guidelines Help You Quit Smoking

1. Determined: The most important thing to help you quit smoking is determination. Quitting smoking is not an easy journey and if you do not have determination, you will return to the starting line immediately.

2. Select the proper method: There are several ways for you to quit smoking, the best thing you can do is to find an appropriate method. You can implement methods to quit smoking by getting out of the house and try not to smoke at home. After a period of time, throw your cigarettes away and instead is a sugar-free gum. The sweets will solve the problem in craving period.

Whichever way you choose to quit smoking, make commitments that are you always stick with that way and make it seriously.

3. Fight against routine: Quitting smoking is not only related to physical when you try to escape the avidity of nicotine, but also related to the activities of the mind. In addition to physical activities such as walking, breathing fresh air, chewing gum to reduce the cravings feeling when lack of nicotine, you also restrict the habits that make you use tobacco like drink alcohol, coffee …

5 Guidelines Help You Quit Smoking

4. Is there a strong support system help you quit smoking: A powerful support system is a very important part in the fight against smoking. If you only have yourself to overcome difficult period of quitting, it’s really not easy at all, you need rely on your family and your friends. Encouragement will help you quit smoking. Or you find yourself a certain organization to help quit smoking, you will learn from the experience of quitting from those who went before.

5. Never give up: Smoking cessation is a long road with many ups and downs, even in a moment that you can’t control yourself; you would have to start again. However, a failure is normal, as long as you can stand up and do it again.

The quitting will make your overall health improved, will not cough every morning wake up and your room will no longer have the smell of tobacco. More amazing is that the health of loved ones around you will no longer be threatened again.

Some clinical trials have demonstrated that smoking a cigarette will shorten your life from 5 to 20 minutes. In addition, smoking also lead to premature aging, bad breath, lung cancer and myocardial infarction … Therefore, smokers have decided to stop smoking, but it’s not easy. So, how do you quit as soon as possible? Here are 6 effective ways to quit smoking quickly and safely.

5 Guidelines Help You Quit Smoking

6 Give targetto quit smoking in one day: Want to do something big must start from small things, so that the initial target was not smoke in a day, it’s very easily done for smokers. The most important thing is that you focus mentally and emotionally like a start to have better health.

7. Dispose of things that are related to tobacco: Still kept the cigarettes at home, the risk of relapse are high. Throw away what is related to drugs, such as tobacco ashtrays, lighters… Retain these things, you can not quit smoking.If tobacco is important as the coffee, it’s best to reduce this habit. Let’s paint the house to change the feel and the familiar smell in past and take a completely opposite painted with colored smoke.

8. Try Acupuncture method: This is a Chinese therapy that uses needles being poked in some points of the body does not hurt to stimulate the release of endorphins to fight stress as well as to reduce withdrawal symptoms. To break the habit, the acupuncture specialist attached small clamps and twisted in case of drug added.

9. Try Hypnosis method: Surprised to hear this? Yes, it is an effective way to quit smoking. During a hypnosis session, the therapist uses techniques such as convincing to quit smoking. The hypnotists try to reinforce a positive self-image through relaxation techniques. Until now, many smokers have found this is useful way to quit as soon as possible.

10. Breathe deeply: This is considered to be technically strong and most importantly to quit. The moment you feel want to smoke; you should perform deep breathing exercises three times to pass strong cravings in just a few days. Deep breathing is a part of the yoga techniques, which not only quit but also help beat the stress that may be caused to start smoking again.