Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

Side Effects of Quitting Smoking. When you give up and want to quit smoking, you will be faced and overcome several specific symptoms, called “the symptoms appear when quitting”. This is quite natural because the body after a long time under the influence and familiar with the harmful effects of tobacco as well as receive poison nicotine to the body regular.

Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

When quitting, the body doesn’t depend on the toxic substances into the blood; your blood also naturally produce a process of “cleansing” of poison. This causes an abnormality in the body, known as the symptoms appear when you quit.

The symptoms you face can be quite different between everyone, but the important thing is you have to prepare to face a “battle” took place inside your body. Most of these symptoms cause strong impact and rebuttal of your own volition, it forces you to start smoking again. So you have to fight this negative process and have a strong determination to quit smoking.

There is one important thing you should remember if you want to read that, this article lists the common symptoms when you quit smoking; and you can easily recognize one or few signs of any of them that you are suffering; but do not worry because it’s quite normal and natural.

1. The most common symptom is your body burning an irresistible thought that you’ll smoking back, the body as if “scream” to ask nicotine; and your thoughts will be divided into two, one satisfied and want to get rid of the addiction by smoking again; another wants to abandon that unpleasant symptoms.

This symptom is really not too difficult to overcome; with a little patience and effort, you will overcome the worst temptation at first, and it will be easier for the next 3 -4 days

2. You will feel your body be more sensitive and vulnerable by bad weather, frequent coughs and colds; lung and chest is where you have the most harmful effects of tobacco, so after quitting, it will take place a few negative manifestations, this is understandable because your body is going on ” purify ” process in the blood naturally and release toxins out to regain its functionality. In addition, your immune system is also working hard to expel toxins out of the body.

Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

3. The stomach will emit some harsh sounds, is also a symptom of quitting smoking, you may feel constipated. But you should remember that your smoking has caused damage to many parts of the body, the expel of toxic substances from the body, meaning that removing energy instead of using it to feed your body, so it can be said that, not just the lungs and chest is the only place affected by the smoke, both your stomach has also been affected.

4. The next symptom to mention that you will increase your appetite and seems to want to devour. If you acquire this case, bread, lean meat, beans, vegetables and fruit will be good for your nutrition. And remember that when you are in the process of quitting, please drink plenty of water, this will help you more effectively purifies toxic substances left in your body and overcome many symptoms of smoking cessation.

5. Headaches are also a symptom when you quit smoking, it can cause loss of balance and lack of focus in your work, making you feel like you are easily irritated.

Experts said that the headaches caused by the changing ratio of the oxygen along with blood glucose levels in the blood is altered, which is caused by the lack of nicotine in the blood when quitting. This makes environmental changes in the cerebral cortex. But at some point, all will be back to normal, so with a little effort and patience, drink lots of water and taking a few painkillers, everything will pass easily.

Effects of Quitting Smoking

6. Nicotine is a stimulant; it can affect the functioning of the brain. When you stop smoking, it can cause changes in behavior and mood. Insomnia is also a consequence of the stop smoking; you may feel tired and moody all day.

7. The bored and listless, distracted, easily angry, sleepless, quick to anger and discomfort are all potential symptoms you may be experience. But the good news is you only tolerate it for a short time only, approximately one to two months.

Overall, if you quit, then these symptoms will appear and you regularly dominate, making it easy to smoke again. You should remember that, quitting smoking is the biggest step to go to get a better health, be for your health. You’re not losing a friend when deciding to quit, rather eliminate one enemy. Whether you feel the enormous shortfalls and lost something during the early quitting, but remember that you’re freeing yourself from a dangerous and malicious enemy.

This enemy is slow but surely put you in the grave someday … Remember that and hold consistently, your determination to quit, despite the negative symptoms may come.