Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Benefits of Quitting Smoking? What are Useful things for you and your family? Smoking cessation help you improve your health whether you are at any age, whether you smoke for how long!

The harmful effects of tobacco smoke?

• You and your family are at high risk of suffering from diseases caused by smoking: Research shows that smokers from adolescence and continue smoking in 20 years, life expectancy will decrease 20 to 25 years. If you think that smoking only caused lung cancer or heart disease, you were wrong because cigarettes can harm the whole body. Tobacco hurt your body silently. In time, you will be hospitalized because of breathing difficulty due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you will be vulnerable to pneumonia, heart failure…

• The amount of money spent on tobacco every year is not small.

• The cost of treating diseases caused by smoking is quite high compared to the average income of the people of Vietnam today: When you get COPD, you will need to take pills of breathing difficulty in your rest of lifetime. You are susceptible to pneumonia and very susceptible to drug-resistant bacteria. Meanwhile, the cost of treatment is very high. For example, if you have pneumonia based COPD, drug costs could reach millions a day, and if good response, you must have at least 10 days of treatment. You will be hospitalized more than 1 time per year to treat if you do not take medicine regularly preventing breathing problems. Your families have to spend money and time to take care of you.

• You will be the people around (no smoking) contempt or go away fromyou because of fearing of secondhand smoke.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking? What are Useful things for you and your family?

Benefits of Quitting Smoking? If Quit Smoking, What Strange thing will happen? Do you ever wonder why everyone advises to quit smoking?

Quit smoking is the goal of many people. Many people have tried to abandon more than once but did not succeed. The quit smoking can take several weeks or longer, but once abandoned succeed, the health benefits you get are totally worth the struggle.

Limit hair loss: According to research by the expert of US Institute of Medicine who smoke has high risk of hair loss 3-6 times compare with who do not smoke and rate of bald 2 times compared with those who did not smoke.

In addition it also has the effect of limiting the risk of depression, reduce the risk of get serious diseases for family members from passive smoking.

Quit smoking to improve vision, memory: Smoking environment, regardless of smoking or not will increase the risk of macular degeneration 2 times higher than those who do not smoke.

A new study by Dutch scientists conducted in 7000 people recently showed that smoking is the culprit accelerates dementia in humans, makes people get old faster because it impairs rapid health of smokers and function of the brain and the immune system.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking? What are Useful things for you and your family?

Reducing suffering from incurable diseases and reduce toxic buildup in the body: The smoke is exactly how you put the toxin directly into your body, including bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Quitting smoking is that you will limit the risk of dangerous diseases such as throat cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer and other diseases related to tobacco smoke …

Slowing the development of HIV to AIDS: People get HIV but smoke will increase the development of the disease to AIDS. The tobacco will directly affect the health and reduce the immunity of the body.

Reduces the ability of infertility: Whether man or woman, if smoke will directly affect the ability to have children.

In men increases erectile deficiency disease, declining sperm counts. In women reduce the possibility of ovulation and conception.

If those who are in the reproductive stage they should quit smoking as soon as possible, because it does not only benefit the insiders, but also for kids in the future.

Stop smoking reduces the rate of lung dysfunction and improves survival. Smoking cessation improve your health whether you are at any age, whether you smoked cigarettes for how long!

You will reduce a significant expenditure for the purchase of tobacco as well as the cost of treatment. Smoking cessation help you reduce the risk of lung disease, heart disease and even cancer, can consume your lots of money for treatment if infected.

Stop smoking also help you reduce the risk of osteoporosis, help your skin younger and reduce the risk of sexual problems.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking? What are Useful things for you and your family?

How can I quit?

• Talk with family, friends, colleagues about your plan and ask help from them
• Avoid exposure to tobacco and items relevant to tobacco.
• Stay away from places where you can smoke. If someone smokes in front of you, ask them to go elsewhere
• Do not give up, even if you start smoking again. Many people need to repeatedly smoking before quit permanently

You should review the reasons why you smoke again? What reasons do not make you smoke?

Important is that you have to adjust these factors make you smoke again and also consolidate things that do not make you smoke.

• Select suitable time and place for smoking cessation: You should record the date to make progress milestones for your smoking cessation.

• You should also anticipate situations make you smoke again. Examples: Friends smoke in the workplace, job stress … For best results, choose the end of the week, holidays or trips with family for quit day.

• Nicotine withdrawal Symptoms: nausea, restlessness, easy to anger, distraction … will affect your work. But you try because these symptoms will gradually disappear after a few weeks stop smoking completely. You should be prepared with the above expression to be easy to accept. In situations these symptoms can not quit smoking, go to see the doctor. There are many medications to assist you in the smoking cessation (Table 1).

• Stop smoking can make you gain a few kilograms: But you should know that stopping smoking is beneficial for your health than the increase a few kilograms. You can also reduce the weight by increasing physical activity and eating less.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking? What are Useful things for you and your family?


Many responded that “we will die anyway, sooner or later”. However, you do not imagine: your smoking has been and will afflict you and your loved ones. Smoking cessation help you improve your health whether you are at any age, whether you smoked cigarettes for how long!

Table 1: The smoking cessation drug
Nicotine replacement therapy
Product Dosage  Side effects / warnings
Patch 7, 14, or 21mg / hour. Prescription for 21 mg in 6 weeks, 14 mg in 2 weeks, 7 mg in 2 weeks  

(applies to all products of nicotine)

headache, insomnia, nightmares, nausea, dizziness

Gum 2-4mg every 1-8 hours. Descending dose
Breathe 4mg / tube; 6-16mg / tube / day
Nasal Spray  

0.5 mg / puffs; 1-2 puffs per spray per 1h

Non-nicotine therapy
Bupropion ER (Zyban) 150mg per day for 3 days, then 2 times / day for 7-12 weeks

Add 1 week before stop using

Dizziness, headache, insomnia, dry mouth, hypertension, ischemic attacks. Avoid using with monoamine oxidase inhibitors
Varenicline (Chantix) 0.5 mg per day for 3 days, 0.5 mg x 2 times / day for 4 days, then 1 mg x 2 times / day for 12-24 weeks.

Add 1 week before stop using

Nausea, headaches, dry mouth, dreamless

Aggravate the underlying mental illness

a – Therapy often combined. Long-term medication (patch) is used to make nicotine replacement do the background, together with short-term medication (inhaled) to create peak effect.
 b – If patients smoke less than half a pack per day, beginning at a dose of 14mg