Diseases Caused by Smoking Cigarettes

Diseases Caused by Smoking Cigarettes. Tobacco is the cause of many dangerous diseases to humans, such as lung cancer, heart attack, atherosclerosis and diseases of the respiratory system…

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a cigarette when burned will emit 7,000 chemicals, including 69 substances is the cause of a series of cancer: lung, esophagus, larynx, nasopharynx, nose, mouth, kidney, bladder, uterus, breast … Also, in tobacco smoke also has many substances stimulate respiratory tract infections, causing lesions in blood vessels.

Smoking is the cause of many diseases. Every cigarette is smoked themselves losing 5.5 seconds of life. The average life expectancy of smokers is fewer than nonsmokers from 5-8 years.

When smoking, cigarette smoke enters the lungs through blood, prolonged accumulation become conditions and cause of the following diseases:

– Cardiovascular diseases ranked in the top of the diseases by smoke: create plaque, intravascular lesions, blood vessel inflammation, painful limb, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, memory loss, reduced intelligence and ability to learn …

– Cancer: Mostly bronchopulmonary cancer (90%), throat cancer, mouth, esophagus (smoking with alcohol, the risk of throat cancer are very high), colon cancer… In smokers it’s more likely to develop cancer than nonsmokers.

– Respiratory diseases: chronic lung disease, airway obstruction, chronic bronchitis. Especially in people smoking also causes air pollution and impact on the environment, the people around inhale are also poisoned, dangerous especially for children.

– Tooth and gum disease: Ulcerative, tartar, plaque on teeth …

– For men: Reduce the number and quality of sperm, can lead to infertility.

– For women and fetus: Increased risk of uterine cancer, menstrual disorders, breast cancer, easy abortion, fetal malformations, fetal growth retardation and preterm birth… Secondhand smoke increases 22% risk of low birth weight and reduced newborn weight from 200 to 400 grams.

– For children: passive smoking causes respiratory tract infections, otitis media, aggravate the symptoms of asthma, … and one of the causes of sudden death in infants.

Diseases Caused by Smoking Cigarettes

The harmful effects of tobacco to the musculoskeletal system and The harmful effects of tobacco to the osteoarthritis

If you smoke, your injuries will recover more slowly. Tobacco increases the incidence of osteoporosis, osteoporotic levels in smokers is much higher than non-smokers. The reason is that the chemicals in cigarettes not only weakens the bones but also slows the body’s bone formation. Tobacco reduces blood flow to organs in the body, including the bones, causing bone weakening. The nicotine in cigarettes also paralyzes the osteoblasts, which makes new bone creation process is delayed. In addition, chemicals in tobacco also cause the body absorb calcium difficult and necessary nutrients for osteoarthritis.

The harmful effects of tobacco to the muscles: Similar to other parts of the body, the chemicals in tobacco will make the muscle groups in the body is weakened resulting elasticity, toughness and endurance of the muscle fibers are gradually decreased. The study showed that the incidence of injury or disease of the muscles in smokers 2 times higher than non-smokers. The injuries like torn muscles, sprains, tendonitis, back pain … all appear with the frequency and intensity was higher in smokers.

Tobacco makes slow wound recovery:  Tobacco reduces blood and oxygen flow to the tissues. Therefore, when you are sick or injured in the musculoskeletal system, smokers will recover more slowly than nonsmokers. The injury caused reef, cracking or fracture in smokers will take more time to recover due to the nicotine in cigarettes slows activity of osteoblasts. Also, when the bones were recovered, the new bone in smokers will be weaker than nonsmokers. Additionally, the soft injuring in smokers is also slower recovery and a higher rate of infection by blood flow to the tissues is reduced. Please stop smoking right from today, to prevent diseases of the movement. /.

Diseases Caused by Smoking Cigarettes

Harmful effects of tobacco to VISION

Tobacco use is the cause of about 25 diseases, including many serious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, increased risk of infertility, premature birth, miscarriage; decreased sexual ability in men …

Smoking also affects the health of your eyes. Smoking – even in old age has also increased the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration in the future. Smoke more, the higher risk. However, if you stop smoking, the risk of eye disease occurs becomes lower as for those who do not smoke.

Smoking also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease; indirectly affect the health of your eyes. Tobacco smoke, even for passive smokers (in the smoking environment), is a stimulant that aggravate dry eye phenomenon, a very unpleasant situation, common in women after menopause.

Smoking increases the risk of severe vision loss in people with other eye diseases available. If women smoke during pregnancy, they are more likely to miscarry, their children have a higher risk for a disease that can cause blindness is retinopathy of prematurity, as well as other health issues.Please quit in order to protect your health and your family, because tobacco is the cause of many diseases, including diseases of the eye.

Diseases Caused by Smoking Cigarettes

In recent years, some epidemiological studies have built a connection between smoking and back pain.
Smoking has long been known to have related to asthma, lung cancer and cardiovascular problems. Science, documents, books, and even the government tells us abouth that. But the connection between smoking and back pain is lower? This relationship does not seem almost intuitive, however it is set not only a correlation, but also a direct relationship between smoking and back pain.

In recent years, some epidemiological studies have built a relationship between smoking and intervertebral disc disorder, chronic back pain and slow recovery after surgery, as well as increase postoperative complications in patients.

“Some studies show that certain activities are more harmful to the loins in smokers than non-smokers”
The researchers discovered that people with a history of smoking, hypertension and coronary artery disease, all of which are risk factors for atherosclerosis, or clogged arteries, relate to the development of back pain. Reports of people with a history of smoking, many back pain cases when they engage in heavy work than nonsmokers. The study showed that back pain in smokers is more intense than non-smokers, when they engaged in heavy lifting, prolonged standing and push and pull heavy objects. In addition, among people get chronic pain, who smokes is rated with a higher level of pain than nonsmokers. The nicotine in cigarettes causes the narrowing of the coronary arteries, limiting the exchange of nutrients between the disc and the surrounding environment. This leads to reduced blood supply to the discs and the tissue around it; and thereby reducing the supply of nutrients to the tissues in and around the spine. This prevents spinal tissue from impacting mechanical efficiency

Diseases Caused by Smoking Cigarettes

The harmful effects of tobacco with throat cancer: Throat cancer is a cancer of the head and neck are the most popular. The disease comes from the epithelial cells in the nasopharynx (the upper part of the throat with vaulted). This is a dangerous disease, high mortality rates. Tobacco is known as the leading culprits causing this dangerous disease.
Certain subtances cause throat cancer as:

Nicontine: Scientists have figured out this is a toxic substance found in tobacco. They have the ability transdermal. For smokers, nicotine goes into the body through the bloodstream. Nicotine raises blood pressure and breathing rate, increasing the risk of atherosclerosis…

Benzene: A chemical commonly used in pesticides, but the scientists found a large amount of benzene in tobacco. This is a toxic chemical that can cause cancer.

Vinyl Chloride: These are substances that are harmful to human bodies because it will act as a strong carcinogen.

Ammonia: Ammonium compounds are chemicals widely used in bleaching technology. It appeared in cigarettes to increase the effects of nicotine and other toxic substances.

Cadmium: A toxic heavy metals commonly used in batteries, a toxic substance exist in tobacco.

Arsenic: This is one of the important harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke cause cancer. Arsenic in tobacco cause many serious health problems.

Smoking is the main cause of throat cancer and respiratory diseases such as lung cancer, laryngeal cancer, cardiovascular disease … Tobacco is harmful to people and influence environment so please quit before it’s too late!

Benefits to health when quit smoking: The body will not accumulate toxins; eliminate the causes and conditions that cause the diseases listed above. If quit smoking before the age of 50 will fall by 50% the risk of death from cardiovascular disease after 1 year quit, 50% risk of lung cancer after 10 years quitting.