Do not Let the Smoke Harm Your Child

Cigarettes have much harm to children’s health, though that they just inhaled cigarette smoke emitted by adults passively. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 50% of children worldwide are exposed passively to tobacco smoke.

The harmful effects of second hand smoke on children’s health

The most visible Harm is negative effect on children’s respiratory tract:  Passive smoking Children are at increased risk of lower respiratory tract infection, including bronchitis and pneumonia. The experts estimate that each year about 150000-300000 children under 18 months of age get bronchiolitis or pneumonia related to tobacco smoke. Children under 1 year old are the children of the smokers with bronchitis or pneumonia double than the non-smokers. In addition, children of smokers are more severe and often long hospital stays over 20% of the time compared to children of nonsmokers.

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The father smoke and especially mothers who smoke also increases the incidence and severity of asthma. Children in families with smokers require more medical attention, and the risk of outbreaks of asthma increased 2 times, the number hospitalized to treat asthma are also more than the kids in the family do not smoke. Worldwide, there are between 200 thousand to 1 million children with asthma are suffering the ill effects caused by their parents who are smokers.

Do not Let the Smoke Harm Your Child

Passive smoking Children live in the home with a tuberculosis patient at risk for TB infection nearly 5 times higher than a child without a passive inhalation of cigarette smoke.

Some other damage

According to a scientific study was conducted recently in the United States identified the children exposed to smoke in home can have an IQ lower than children of the same age not breathe to passive tobacco smoke. Environmental tobacco smoke pollution has been shown to be directly related to a number of health problems in children, including children with sudden death syndrome, colic, ear infections, worsening the Symptoms of eczema also raises other issues with breathing and digestion.

The study adds: children living in polluted tobacco smoke environment can harm the nervous system, the negative impact to the development of reasoning skills and cognitive skills in children like decline in cognitive function of the brain, memory loss and increased risk of schizophrenia 3 times, the child will have poor academic results, especially the ability to read and do math.

Do not Let the Smoke Harm Your Child

Protecting children from secondhand smoke by determination

Say no to smoking: encourage all members of the family to raise awareness to preserve the healthy environment by say no to smoking.

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Please help the children, especially adolescents away from this bad habit: remind your child smoking is a bad habit. Smoking causes bad breath, making clothes, hair and teeth have bad smell. Smoking may cause chronic coughing and you don’t have energy to play sports or participate in other activities.

Do not let yourself be costly useless because smoking: Smoking is very expensive. Help your child make cost calculations weekly, monthly, annually for a pack of cigarettes every day. You can compare the cost of smoking to the cost for furniture, clothing or other necessities of daily life. Specifically, smokers will make the body sick easily, increase daily expenses made life even more difficult.

Pursue rewarding pleasures in life: let do exercise positively to combat smoking, participate in campaigns of local or schools on anti-smoking in the public. These activities are beneficial both to ourselves and brings good things for the family and community.