Electronic Cigarettes: Smoking Cessation or More Addictive?

Electronic cigarette is an alternative tobacco products quite effective, it makes the smoker feels pleasant and satisfying the addiction, while mitigating feelings of discomfort when quitting” – these are words hype on the internet. Is electronic cigarette helpful?

Buy easily but not licensed

According to ads on some sites, besides the material made of corrosion resistant alloy, electronic cigarettes do not require replacement filter. Specifically, users can blend into cigarette liquid nicotine and flavors (mint oils, chocolate, coffee, caramel …) customize preferences. Although advertised originate from Germany, France, Korea … learn through many people who use the electronic cigarettes are originating from China.

Is electronic cigarette helpful?

The filter of electronic cigarette contains nicotine and aroma substance mixtures. The Body of cigarettes contains electronics parts. In use, the electronic device will be activated and sprayed a mixture of steam pass through the filter, dissolved nicotine and aroma substances. When inhale the smoke, nicotine and aroma steam will enter mouth and respiratory system as real cigarette smoke. The new electronic cigarette is now also equipped with an LED at the top of the cigarette, creating the feeling “as real”.

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Buying electronic cigarettes are easy, just see the information on the Internet and then call the order was served to place or also can be purchased at electronics stores.

Benefit or harm?

So far they have not made the assessment in terms of efficacy and safety of electronic cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning about the lack of scientific clinical trials validate the safety of electronic cigarettes. Some countries such as Australia, Canada and Brazil found that electronic cigarettes are more harmful than beneficial to have banned.

Is electronic cigarette helpful?

Nicotine and steam mixture used in electronic cigarettes are not currently FDA acknowledges in treatment. Nicotine is not pure that might be infected with many impurities that are harmful to health. Nicotine is insoluble in water so soluble mixture in electronic cigarette is an organic solvent and is identified as propylene glycol or diethylene glycol, which are toxic to human health.

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smokers are primarily due to nicotine addiction … While electronic cigarettes still have nicotine, despite being advertised as decreases the concentration from 18-16-12 … until to 0 but no one can be sure this is true (?).

More dangerous, the oils and aromas associated with electronic cigarettes are sold with unclear labels, unknown origin and has not been any competent authorities assess quality.