Experience and Methods of Quitting Decisively

If you are ready to quit smoking now, the following guide can help you.

Start: Quit smoking almost like a battle, where you fight with your own desire. You have to prepare the action plan when the war begins. After quitting, smoking trends may tempt you to smoke again. Perform the following measures will increase your chances to win.

Control your nicotine dependence: Gradually become a habit, smoke may become addicted. It means that the body needs a certain amount of nicotine to feel comfortable. If this amount is reduced, you may see these symptoms as tobacco craving, uncomfortable temperament.

Experience and Methods of Quitting Decisively

Control your habits: Each time smoke with a cup of coffee or can of beer in hand or smoke when feeling confused or embarrassed, then you create a connection between that event and work. After a short time, the smoke completely conjoined with your daily life and you make smoke become a habit; eg if imperfect meal after eating without cigarette.

– All that is correlated with smoking in the past will create incentives to urge you smoke, until you get rid of the constraints and create a new habit: no – smoking.

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Control your confidence: Few people feel confident that they will quit easily. The biggest threat to confidence is fear of failure, and this is the result of attempts to quit smoking in the past. These negative thoughts will take you to impotent and passive. Let’s see the present as an opportunity to perform the work differently and learn valuable lessons from the mistakes of the past times. Take a look at the problem; smoking is normal and not seen as a sign of weakness.

Experience and Methods of Quitting Decisively

Be prepared to quit smoking

– Selecting “quit date”. Your goal is to stop smoking completely on that day. Reducing smoking is not an effective method to quit smoking. If you smoking a cigarette, let’s assume that it’s a learning experience. Let’s see why you relapse … and how can we prevent the next time rather than see it as a failure and smoke again.

– Remember that you give yourself many opportunities to smoke; you also create opportunities for yourself to become non-smokers.

– It’s best to have a little change day to quit smoking, for example smoking in the morning or reduce the number of cigarettes down or replace tobacco that has lower amount of nicotine.

No smoking again after quitting: The goal of quitting smoking and the next day is to overcome the cravings. Because the amount of nicotine in people drops will be enticed to smoke again in the first few days, especially in circumstances such appeal: while drinking coffee, beer, wine after eating, hanging out with friends, to Club…… Every time you pass once, you step close to success.

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Here are a few methods to help you fight the urge:

Lifestyle changes: The experience of some people previously smoke suggested that you should quit drinking coffee and alcohol, special in the first two weeks after quitting. Other people find new habits such as swimming, walking. You try to encourage yourself in each stage to you do not feel deprived and unhappy. Buy gifts and arrrange the program for yourself.

VD: Gardening, fishing, swimming…Not long after, you will feel you achieved something and this was a reward for you.

Experience and Methods of Quitting Decisively


Delay: Delay Method helps to reduce the feelings of panic, anxiety when you feel the urge to smoke. Instead you tell yourself “I will never smoke again,” Say to yourself: “I decided not smoke anymore, but only now, today.” As time passes, you keep delaying again.

Entertainment: Make your mind do not think of smoking when you crave tobacco smoke. The urge usually lasts only a few minutes. Entertainment by counting backward, mentally, sings….. or brushing, exercise, work, eat fruit, drink cold water, little sigh or take a shower

Avoiding: In the first few weeks of quitting smoking, you should avoid situations or occasions attracted you smoke back, because this is the best time have many temptations. According to the experience of those who used to smoke, you should avoid coffee, alcohol, beer, parties, clubs, pubs…

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Hiding: Avoiding situations cause cravings … .is a final approach when the above methods fail. You can go out for five minutes to breathe the cool air. Hide will help reduce smoking cravings and back to your job.

Against the temptations: Finally you will have to confront the charming smoke is more difficult. Like the actor or athlete before the performance. Learn to try to confront the temptations in a safe environment.

Example: before going out to a party or club – where many people smoke, you should call for smokers and non-smokers come to your house and try your level of confidence. If you feel difficult at home then make sure that at the club, in the party, it is even more difficult. With exercise you will build enough confidence to return to a normal lifestyle.

Change of thinking: Whisper Voices in your head promote you smoke is the voice of habit. If you hear, just get rid of it immediately. Do not tell yourself that’s okay, because this thinking would open the door to other times. Tell yourself that you are not allowed to smoke can also be a problem, because it can make you want to smoke more. Think some backwards to help you control the situation. When you feel like smoking, tell yourself, “This time I am quiting smoking.” Better to remind that you choose to quit smoking was not fined or deprived, although sometimes you have that feeling. If quitting smoking is not your own choice, you will hardly be able to succeed.

Experience and Methods of Quitting Decisively

Confronting with tense: There are many people use tobacco to quell tensions. For example, when you feel angry or stressed when repressed, you can smoke a cigarette to calm you down. Smoking at the moment, may soon become a reflex action. Avoid smoking for a long time, which means finding new ways to cope with stress. Here are a few tips to help you cope with stress:

  • Breathe slowly when feel pressured or upset.
  • More exercise, can help reduce stress and prepares to deal with the difficulties.
  • Learn techniques coping stress, like yoga…
  • Take steps to change the situations created tension. If you need, let’s go and see a doctor or counselor for advice.

Discomfort: If you feel irritable, angry, upset, or feel lost something, this could be because you quit a habit that last a long time. These feelings may be the symptoms of lack of nicotine. They will pass away soon and the positive feeling replace and increase confidence. Positive action and talk with a few friends can help you stabilize your feelings without smoking.

Try your best; I believe you would do this!