Experience To Quit Smoking Success

Smoking is harmful to health-Smoking causes lung cancer … the private message sent to smokers on cigarette packs. But it seems tobacco addiction is roaring, every thing is just the little things, as I have not read that message! Mind tells us to quit, but the habit has formed classical conditioning is very difficult to quit.

Experience To Quit Smoking Success

I have been smoking since 18 years old, is lovesick by a girl, my friends “entice” smoke will reduce sad and comfort. So I smoked from this time, 8 years, long enough to be called smokers. I never thought that I am addicted smoking until I have the intention of quiting it. I am a cognitive person; I know smoking is unhealthy but ingrained habit; but smoking habits associated with emotion when sad, when happy, tense, when in cold weather… are too hard to give up.

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But … nothing is impossible!

I do not intend to quit because of the effect I think is good, until I love a beautiful girl, she discovered I smoke and “formal” statement: “If you do not quit, then do not look at me anymore ” Honestly there are times when I want to say good buy with her to be sucking a cigarette, it’s worse! I was determined to quit, much determination, cut off the fingers to demonstrate. But oh, my finger is so hurt, I want to smoke to relieve pain, how hard it is! The most difficult is the moment, when pain, tense, anxious for a living, while staying up late, when angry, or when drinking at the time really want to smoke. I understand and maybe you too! I have a lot of time that I smoke, quit and vice versa… Untill one day, when I want to prepare to get married, I go to the hospital with my wife and the doctor’s conclusions that shook me, I was sick my liver and sperm are weak because smoking too much, and I also realized that my teeth has dark color and ugly, my “small boy” is smaller and not as strong as the time I didn’t smoke anymore, I get old with premature wrinkles. I feel fear but also resentment myself because bravery is not enough to quit smoking. This time, I had to change attitudes before quitting.

I’ve heard “when addict anything, it just we move from addict this to that thing ” I also found out that he had been addicted to the game and want to give up but now I am addicted to both. I know addict this stuff is habit; I decided to change to switch from routine to other habits. But first is an attitude, a commitment that I will comply my promise, do not wake too late, do not drink alcohol while quitting, remain even after stress, emptiness and anxiety.

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May need someone constantly reminded and encouraged. Whenever craving, stress, instead of cigarette smoke, I have used my reason to switch to chewing gum, though very uncomfortable and struggled, but I still try, just a few days, cravings will subside. But hold to not smoke when see others smoking is a difficult thing, this time just be patient and continue to maintain the habit put gum in your pocket to use when needed. After 10 boxes of gum I was abandon by tobacco addiction is 2 years. I did it, you’ll make it!

Base on a true story at here – http://bikipvuikhoe.blogspot.com/2014/04/kinh-nghiem-cai-thuoc-la-thanh-cong.html

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