Hard Road… to Quit Smoking!

If you ask a man addicted to tobacco smoke: what effect do you see in smoking? Very likely the answer will be: lung tonic. Most men are aware that smoking is “lung tonic” but they still can not quit smoking. According to a psychologist: For a man quit smoking, it’s not merely make him forget about nicotine in tobacco but also to make him stop feeling insecure about an invisible fear had formed from childhood.

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Some people get serious illness, can’t eat but still smoke – “At that time smoking doesn’t have any taste but I have to suck a cigarette, I really do not understand why” – a smoker said. He was a smoker for over 10 years, from the day he was a student. Never before he tried to explain why he is addicted to tobacco. “I have not seen anything as difficult as quitting. I’ve tried many times to quit before, take all measures, whatever is chewing, exercise … but is no avail “?!

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Hard Road... to Quit Smoking

Not only this man, many people in this world have thought of quitting in the beginning. Almost any men addicted to tobacco also think about that. There are some people just think about it for a moment, some people acted decisively, but the truth is that quit smoking is not easy. There are many people who smoke cursed himself: “Shit! I can not give up! “But it’s just curse. The tobacco has captivated them and when suddenly stops smoking, they will find the tobacco in the ashtray to smoke.

With some people, it’s really bad when not have tobacco they can not do anything, especially artists. Outsiders looking in might think, it is because they force themselves to the yoke, and … try to be cool. But the psychiatrist, who is always trying to figure out the source of the work, said: Many tobacco addicts not only because they are addicted to nicotine, but also due to other cause, underlying causes start when they were 1 or 2 year old, period in which the breast is the only meaningful thing in the world.

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In psychoanalysis, the period from 1-2 years old is a very important period for a child’s personality formation. All the effects are powerful and capable of leaving imprints until later years, when the kids have grown. At this stage, the greatest delight of the baby is sucking on the mother’s breast, which not only gives them the satisfaction of food and safety but also a warm place create the pleasure is not clear formation in children.


Because of the mother’s breast is too perfect place so when away from it, the result of course is that children will regret, even fear: “That is why the weaning also require extremely careful” Must leave the breast to any children are reluctant thing with them. A child too satisfied with this period, ie when their mother has gentle gestures, are weaned at the right time … and leave the “wound” in the future. From the unconscious, the child can not forget the cute breasts and an undercurrent of regret that happening. One child was manhandled while weaning may also leave legacies while growing up. Adult can always feel insecure and seeking to satisfy the old moment with mother’s breast that is how they reassure themselves. Smoking is one of the ways for a satisfying “remnants” of that period.

Hard Road... to Quit Smoking

… Smoking or licked his lips is just gently manifestations of not escape the lips period but in case the child was injured too heavy, it may refuse to eat everything or when grow up they behave very rudely, even only regain something very small …

This explains why smokers when get sick can’t eat anything but still smoking. “If you quit smoking just by making smokers quit using nicotine habit gradually, the effect will not be high,” “For smokers often feel insecure when no cigarette in his mouth, as when the child away breast, feeling for a tasty food source and a safe place was no longer have.”

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There are people who just lit up, took a little and it burn over and they lit another. This shows that they are not only addicted to nicotine but also a “something” else, it is the feeling of being safe as mother’s udder. “Therefore, quitting only nicotine addiction is not enough, they must also pay attention to psychological factors dominates it”,

The psychoanalysis term is “fixed”, show the psychological definition not escape the effects of a past period in the past. Person with this condition may have different manifestations such as lip licking, sucking hands … and smoking is one of the symptoms to identify the objects. Thus when weaning, mothers should pay special attention to not disturbed psychologically may extend later. Smoking or licked his lips is just gently manifestations of not escape the past but in the case of child injury is too severe, it may refuse to eat anything else or when you grow up to behave very rough, even only to regain something very small.

The gentleman smokers should also consider whether you really are a slave to nicotine or not?!