Help You Quit smoking Easier

Smoking will change your skin, teeth, hair and other parts of the body to create the older appearance than the real age. It also affects the deep parts of the body, from reproductive health to heart, lungs and bones.

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The harmful effect of tobacco on health is very clear. However, quitting smoking is very difficult but if you say impossible, it’s not correct. Remember that most people have to try more than once and only 4-7% succeeds without help.

Help You Quit smoking Easier

If you are planning to quit, we will help you with a few suggestions for smoking cessation easier.

1. Set a date to quit smoking

When decide to quit smoking, the first thing is you have to put out a term (2 weeks for example) to officially quit. You can choose memorable day as birthdays, New Year, certain anniversaries. But choose a close date and you not only lose the excitement with the “campaign”.

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2. Tell everyone know of your decision

Tell family, friends and your colleagues about your decision to quit. Encouragement, cheers of people will help you have more confidence and help you overcome the urge to smoke in time at the beginning. An additional benefit is likely among your acquaintances, there are a few people who successfully quit smoking and will give you valuable experience.

3. Anticipate the difficulties

Quitting is very difficult indeed. You have to anticipate the difficulties that you will encounter. Let’s have a clear plan to deal with the craving time, how to handle. Thus, when confronted with these things in reality, you will easily overcome. For example, you have the habit of smoking a cigarette after lunch. Then, you start quitting; you’ll be craving after lunch. Try creating new habits as walking after lunch to the body getting used to not smoking.

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4. Avoid the temptation

Along with overcoming the above challenges, we also need to take the initiative away from the temptation. Throw all tobacco out of your home, your seat at the company, even in the trunk. Do not get yourself caught cigarettes somewhere.

5. Consult doctor

If you still need more help, please go to a doctor. The doctor may advise you about the phenomenon that you experience when you quit, and give you advice and some drugs reduce cigarette cravings as needed.

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6. Do not use electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are advertised as completely safe products and help you quit smoking easily. Many people choose electronic cigarettes as substitutes for cigarettes or at least hope it is the stepping stone to quitting. But that thinking is wrong because the following reasons:

• Electronic cigarettes have not been independently proven is not toxic. Artificial nicotine in electronic cigarette is infected many impurities that are harmful to health. Nicotine insolubles in water so vapor dissolve mixture in electronic cigarette is an organic solvent, and is identified as propylene glycol or diethylene glycol is toxic to human health.

Help You Quit smoking Easier

• Electronic cigarettes doesn’t help you quit smoking is easier. Conversely, the continuing of smoking either electronic cigarette makes people use electronic cigarettes or always return true tobacco.

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• Advertise electronic cigarette often seduce people into smokers. Main types of marketing “Electronic cigarettes are very safe compared to truth tobacco!”, and photographs introduce electronic smokers can smoke wherever smoking bans by not create real smoke; attract young people who have never smoked. Indeed, electronic cigarettes are advertised not only targeting quitters but also for a large number of people who previously had never smoke.

For these reasons, you should not choose to quit smoking through the use of electronic cigarettes.

Good luck!!