How Cigarettes Affect the Fetus?

Smoking is the leading cause of the disadvantage to infants. These complications can occur as prematurity, low birth weight, stillbirth… Other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure during pregnancy can take medicine to control and sometimes can not affect the fetus, however, if the mother smoked during pregnancy, nothing can protect the baby from danger.

Why smoke is so dangerous for pregnant women?

Secondhand smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, including toxic chemicals such as lead, cyanide, and at least 60 cancer-causing compounds. When mothers smoke during pregnancy, these toxins enters the bloodstream of the mother-to-child transmission by blood is the only supply of oxygen and nutrients to infants.

How Cigarettes Affect the Fetus

In more than 4,000 chemicals in tobacco can affect the baby, there are two types of compounds are particularly harmful, nicotine and carbon monoxide. Two toxins take large proportion cause complications during pregnancy.

The most serious complication that secondhand smoke can cause the fetus is stillbirth, premature delivery, low birth weight, caused by the impact of nicotine and carbon monoxide reduces oxygen supply to the baby. Nicotine narrows the blood vessels in the mother’s body, including the umbilical line. It seems that the baby will have to breathe through a very narrow pipe when the mother smokes. What is more dangerous, the blood cells that carries oxygen to begin receiving the molecules of carbon monoxide replaces oxygen, which can either cause fetal hypoxia to breathe, just breathe toxic into the body.

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How Tobacco affects your baby?

The lack of oxygen to the fetus may cause adverse effects, the impact on the development and growth of the baby. On average, smoking during pregnancy increases doubles risk of premature babies or below normal weight. Smoking also doubles risk of stillbirth.

Every cigarette mother smoke will increase the risk to the fetus. Many people believe that smoking a few cigarettes a day won’t be dangerous as smoking a package, but the real difference is not very big. The body of smokers is particularly sensitive to the first dose of nicotine, and even just one or two cigarettes were enough to tighten the blood vessels. That is why despite smoke a cigarette, mothers still impact on the baby.

Weight and size

Average, everyday mothers smoke will significantly reduce the weight of the fetus at birth. The born with insufficient weight not only affects the baby at the moment but it also causes stunted children in the long term and negative consequences last a lifetime.

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How Cigarettes Affect the Fetus

The body and lungs

Infants were born small tend underdeveloped, lungs of children can not operate as usual, which means that in the first few weeks, the child may have to breathe in oxygen and not breathing by themselves. Time later, the baby continued difficulty breathing because of lung growth continued to be suppressed by the other side effects of nicotine. Children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy are particularly vulnerable to asthma, and have three times higher risk of SIDS.

Brain Function

Smoking during pregnancy may leave a lasting impact on the child’s brain. Babies whose mothers smoke while pregnant may be disturbed in the process of learning; behavioral disorders and IQ is relatively low.