How to Avoid Relapse?

You have determined to quit smoking, but relapse for many times. Refer to the following article to solve this problem effectively

Quitting smoking is not an easy thing; it’s hard enough for the person quit successfully can be happy and proud. In the first half of the month or the first month, patients who quit smoking will feel extremely uncomfortable. When put smoke in body, immediately the body will feel relaxed, refreshed and excited. This is the effect of nicontine.

Therefore, when quit smoking the amount of nicotine deficiency can lead to patients have uncomfortable feeling, irritability and restlessness. If there are reasonable ways to quit smoking, uncomfortable feeling will end completely.

How to Avoid Relapse and How To Quit Smoking

Do not see relapse as a common thing: There are too many cases determined to quit but smoking back without noticing. Even patient will smoke more than before quiting. This is called relapse when smokers smoke back

However, do not assume that relapse was common, whether this case occur commonly. You should know that people who successfully quit smoking usually undergoes several previous failed. The more you relapse, the higher chance you success. But if just idly thought to quit until they fail and assume that relapse is common, you will never quit smoking.Just do not take too seriously when failed the first time. Created pressure for yourself, the chances of success will decrease.

Relapse several times, higher chance of success:  These studies have shown, if someone tries to quit, they will easily quit smoking successfully. Instead of blaming yourself have relapsed, think negative. The mind thinks negative that you quickly discouraged, the success rate will decrease. Continuous encouragement and commitment to yourself, you will quickly get closer to the goal.

How to Avoid Relapse and How To Quit Smoking

If you’ve smoked, ever want to quit and relapse, consider what the problem is. Willing to learn and constantly revised, you will shorten smoking cesation instead of miserable, struggling for a long time without results.
According to a scientific study, the retaining non-smoking status in about three months, you’ve almos got success.

How to avoid relapse?

In approximately 3 months from the date of smoking cessation, relapse phenomenon will easily occur. To avoid a smoking cessation plan failed, read the following note.

1. Avoid stimulants such as wine and beer: In a certain way, when you drink alcohol, cravings will be ravenous break all your plans. Therefore, it’s best to stop drinking beer until you stopped smoking cessation

2. Avoid sitting near smokers: During smoking cessation, whatever direct impact to patients related to tobacco is not recommended. The person sitting next to smoking will make you want to smoke again.

3. Do not diet while quitting: In tobacco have toxic lesions disrupt the functioning of the body. That you stop putting smoke into the body will cause patients experiencing the overweight symptoms. Although the body is important, preferably during smoking cessation, you should not make the diet. Do not let this pressure makes your plan failed.

4. Do not let yourself fall into the state of stress: Nicotine in cigarette smoke has the effect of making body feeling relaxed and refreshed. But when stopping smoking, limbs will feel restless and jittery extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, when sad or mood is not good, people often smoke cigarettes as a measure of relief.
So want to quit smoking, it’s best not to let your mood itself fell into poor condition. If you can control your emotions without relying on assistance from toxic smoke is very good, you are grasp successful opportunities.

5. Change the habit of yourself: We often wake up with smoke and cup of coffee. Or whiz few cigarettes before bed. It can be whenever you free, tobacco is perceived as a distraction.

How to Avoid Relapse and How To Quit Smoking

So from today, abandon this habit and instead of positive activities. We always need a pretty tough time to leave a certain routine and adapt to a new life. It’s fine! This is a challenge that everyone has to go through when you want to quit smoking. If you consider it as an achievement, the determination will be much higher.

When waking up, you can go to the bathroom or ran one round. Can also actively participate in outdoor activities rather than sit in house and smoke alone. Do not discouraged before this challenge, millions of people around the world were able to cut the chains themselves that tobacco “install” in smokers. How about you?