How to Get Quit Tobacco

1. Today what issues we will talk about?
• Why do people smoke and why should not smoke and quitting.
How to quit smoking.
• How to not smoking again after having quit.
• How to encourage and help your lovers quit.

The Impact of Tobacco on Physical Health
The Impact of Tobacco on Health In Terms of Mental and Social

2. Summary of effects of tobacco on health?
Tobacco is preventable reason that causes deaths in the world top.Regarding the physical aspect, it is not just lung cancer but other diseases.It affects not only the health of smokers but to the health of passive people.Smoking itself is an unusual in mentally and socially, because it is an act of poisoning yourself and people around.Smoking is a sign of weakness, not control yourself rather than “masculinity”, powerful … as before, when you were not a full understanding the harmful effects of tobacco.In principle, this is a bad example for the children of non-self-control harmful impulses instincts. And this will be a very large hole in guiding their children.

How to Get Quit Tobacco

3. Why do people smoke and why should not smoke and quit smoking?
People smoke for different reasons:
Some people start smoking because they think that smoke tobacco seemed “powerful “. That may be somewhat true in the past, when people were not fully aware of the harm of smoking for smokers and people around them. Today, if they smoke, not knowing the effects it proves that you are lack of understanding. If you know that but still smoke, it proved to be weak, lacking energy, not control yourself.

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Some people see adults smoking in family, and think that smoking is a sign of maturity. Really, maturity is the ability to know something good, something bad and have the will to make things better and avoid bad things. Health is The most precious asset of everyone. Smoking is harmful to health; it was informed by the tobacco firms. Thus smoking is bad, and people really mature should know to avoid the bad things from the beginning.

4. There are many people think that I only smoke a few cigarettes per week and light smoking should be okay, is this true?
It is true that less smoking is less harmful than smoking more. However, remember that the tobacco has nicotine addiction, making us smoke more and more. And even smoking less is harmful to health. In any way, we should not think that just smoking in a while for fun. The smoker is the person who thought like that at the beginning.

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5. Please continue to talk about why people smoke and why should not smoke and quit?
Many people smoke because of pressure from friends. If not smoking is being criticized as “weakness” … One of the most important things in life is to choose and have good friends, good friends at least be respect your thoughts and your independence, and together to do good and beneficial things for each other. Absolute smoke is not good and beneficial. In this case, it is best to simply say “I do not want to smoke”, without having to justify lengthy. If you still feel pressure, think again, whether they are your real friend or not.

How to Get Quit Tobacco

There are many people who smoke cigarettes because it reduces stress, make you feel relaxed. Cigarettes cause cancer and other health problems. If you do not use narcotics to “relax”, it is also for tobacco. There are many useful ways to relax. Many people, especially women in the developed countries, where obesity is the problem, think that smoking helps them lose weight. Smoking is a manifestation of a lack of willpower, not control and masters your behavior. And so, often these people do not control their eating behavior and often those who are obese.
Many people continue to smoke because they can not quit. Most people are hard to quit in the first time. Medium is the fourth or fifth. Just try, and learn the most effective ways to quit smoking, there will be the day I quit smoking, and to feel more confident because I had won myself.

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6. How can I stop smoking?
The study shows that the following methods to increase successful quit rates:
Use other forms of nicotine combined with consultation from specialists, success rate is between 20 and 40 percent. The most frequentl way is use gum or patches. There are also nasal spray or inhaled.

These programs help to quit smoking. If have, you should participate in the program for at least four to eight weeks. These programs help people who want to quit having the counselors or others who want to quit smoking at least once a week. They also help to avoid smoking back and deal with stress and other problems that make you want to smoke again.

Using nicotine not like smoking. The average success rate is 10 percent. But better is not using these substances; the success rate is only 5 percent.

Need a prescription drug (Zyban -bupropion-) help to reduce the addiction. If the combine drug with no form of nicotine tobacco, success rates average more than 20 percent. This drug was originally used to treat depression, but it is still effective even in people who are not depressed.

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7. How to not smoking again after quitting?
Write down the reasons you want to quit and to put where you can read daily.
Buy flowers (often cheaper than cigarettes) to reward yourself and as a reminder that you are trying to quit. Fragrance can also help you reduce to remember smell of smoking.
Avoid what remind to cigarettes. As places where people smoke, coffee, smell the smoke.
Brushing regularly, keep teeth clean not “refer” to smoking and influence to you.
Use the money to buy cigarettes on the useful and more enjoyable things for you and your lovers.
When up cravings: take a shower, or chew gum, exercise, relax.

8. How to encourage and help lovers quit smoking?
Gently remind. Using emotional.
For children, it should be gentle, but clear and resolute.
Group with friends who want to quit and did not want to quit smoking. Temporarily avoid places and people smoking.
Give the stuff needed to quit smoking.
Reminder: smoking is a sign of weakness and not has anything good at all.