How To Quit Smoking In 5 days – You Absolutely Can Do It!

How To Quit Smoking In 5 days – You Absolutely Can Do It!


1. Smoking Addiction is a chronic disease as well as high blood pressure or diabetes, must have a serious attitude and a right way to have successful treat ment. But the important is:

2. The family, friends and those around you have an important role in helping you quit.

3. To quit smoking determination is the deciding factor: UNDERSTANDING + DERTERMINATION+ SUPPORT = SUCCESS

4. There are 4 stages of addiction to be overcome:

  • Think about quitting
  • Prepare the necessary elements to quit
  • Quitting
  • Maintain the time totally independent on tobacco

Firstly you need to select the day to quit smoking – Select the appropriate day is very important

  • Day without too many problems to solve in order to focus on quitting.
  • The date may have busy things but just routine, no stress.
  • Ideal day is Sunday, can get up late or arrange work and rest according to your initiative ideas.

How To Quit Smoking In 5 days

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1. List the reasons for the decision to quit smoking! Had in mind or write it down.

– Tobacco is harmful to health and expensive, inconvenient when smoke.
– Influence to others, bad mirror for children …

2. Declare with friends, family and coworkers that you are quitting smoking.

3. Stop buying cigarettes!


1. Seriously regard when and why you smoke
Sad, stress, urge to smoke, do not have anything to do…

2. Think of something else replaces a cigarette in your hand.
Toothpicks after meals, Melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, chewing gum; two balls roll on hand, pencil…

3. Think about the living habits and other everyday work replace for smoking.


1. Find out who you can ask and share when you need help.

– Doctor, family
– Friends, if that person has quit smoking is the best.
– Lover, wife, children, colleagues…

2. What will you do with the money saved by not buying cigarettes?
– Reward yourself.
– Rewards for your kids for academic achievement…
– Do the other useful things…

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1. Review: when and why you smoke, and find ways to overcome these challenges
• The pressures of work (Stress)
• The symptoms of “hunger” drugs (occurring within the first 1-3 weeks):
– Dizziness and headaches; quick to anger, restlessness; Difficulty concentrating.
– Drug cravings; Digestive disorders;
• gain Weight after smoking cessation

2. Buy somethings replace for tobacco such as Melon seeds, toothpicks, gum, two small orbs, pencil…

3. How to overcome cravings:

• Drink plenty of water
• Deep breath
• Do not sit down too long after finish your meal, other work: brushing, walking, melon seeds …
• Talk to others
• Delayed, count to 100 or mentally poem song you like …

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  • Remove all matches, lighters and ashtrays at home and workplace.
  • Wash all clothing to not smell of tobacco.
  • In the Evening smoke the last cigarette to break up with your enemies!

Let tell yourself again:   “Quitting is the right strategy, you can do it


1. Morning: Recalling with family, friends and colleagues that today is an important day with you – the day you quit smoking

2. Make your work busy but not stressful.

3. Do not drink alcohol, coffee or whatever you use with tobacco.

4. Make your mind happy or something special as a reward for success first.

a) Take proper diet and exercise to avoid gain weight!
b) If you can not stand and starting again, do not give up! Be prepared to start over! Before success, there are many people return to smoke a few times!
c) Please share with a friend or call a smoking cessation clinic to have more experience.
Maintaining a comfortable life not dependent on cigarette

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~ Be calculated once a day. Every day is a challenge, the first day has passed, why not continue the second day.
~ Please use the techniques to overcome every single day. The challenge will reduce after a week.
~ Some people take 1-3 months to feel normal as a non-smoker.

• WEEK 2-6:
You still have ideological struggle, always told yourself that I was determined to quit. Let’s say that not smoking today, tomorrow and every day after that.

The dangerous thing is to keep in mind to avoid:

  • Smoking a cigarette will not matter! If smoking is failing even a little.
  • The parties often have alcohol, be careful not to allow yourself to smoke but please allow yourself to be healthy.
  • When stress: Everything will have to pass, and if you smoke again, you imagine that have to start from the first day when things go away.

• FROM 7th WEEK ON WARDS: Fantastic! You did you quit. But quitting is one thing and to live comfortably no tobacco dependence is another. Please do not let your energy be soft until you no longer counting on did not smoke and do not even think about smoking anymore!