How To Keep Your Lungs Healthy

The lungs are a part of the body with the primary role is to exchange gases – bringing oxygen from the air into the pulmonary veins, and CO2 from pulmonary arterial to outside. Besides lung are also some other minor ability to help metabolize some biochemical substance, filtering some toxins in the blood. The lungs are also a place store blood (according to Wikipedia). With heavy and so important duty, to be able to work for long and accurate, lungs need our proper attention, avoid adverse impacts from outside. BLOG introduces to you the things to consider keeping your lungs healthy through the years.

Keep Your Lungs Healthy

The lungs are part of the body with the primary role is to exchange gases – bringing oxygen from the air into the pulmonary veins, and CO2 pulmonary arterial to outside.

1. Do not smoke

Smoking is the worst thing for your lungs. The more you smoke, the more you have high-risk suffering from lung cancer. Not only smokers are affected, but those around them have many health risks. Do not just quit, quit the cigars, marijuana, and tobacco pipes also avoided to stay healthy lungs.Smoking is the worst thing for your lungs. The more you smoke the greater risk of lung cancer.

2. Breathe fresh air

In the Worldwide, there are still hundreds of millions of people are breathing polluted air source. Air pollution is a major threat to human health, not only cause diseases such as asthma, but can be fatal. Let’s focus on clean air protection with macro actions comply with environmental protection laws, to little things at home such as reduced power consumption, limit using cars…

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3. Exercise more

Exercise does not directly make our lungs healthier, but exercise beneficial for the lungs and the whole body in general. When you do exercise, the amount of oxygen is sent into the body more, lungs work better. Exercising regularly will make lung rhythmic activity; provide the necessary oxygen for the heart and muscles. Get regular exercise to have lungs and body healthy. However, if you suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma, you should pay attention not to inhaling cold air by using a mask or a scarf.

4. Enhanced quality indoor air

Air pollution is not only external environment that exists right in our house. There are many sources of indoor air pollution. You can refer to the following article: These toxic chemicals should be “expelled” from your home and polluting sources of air in your home. To minimize air pollution within the family, we can: remove the source of pollution, increase air circulation for the house and use the air-cleaning device.

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5. Eat science and healthy

Foods rich anti-oxidation is very good for your lungs. Research shows that people who regularly use vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower … the risk of lung cancer halved compared to others. The anti-oxidation in these foods has a positive and large impact on the health of lungs.

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 6. Protect your lungs from working

A lot of work can cause risks to the lungs, for example, working in the dusty construction site, working as a hairdresser to regularly use hair sprays, … In addition there are other factors other damage, such as paint smells, dust, gas, diesel, … When doing this work, be proactively  protect your respiratory by wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment. Also, you should always take a break, to the outside to breathe fresh air and eat the foods good for the lungs.

Unlike the two liver can reconstruct even traumatized to 80%, the lungs are not capable of self-regeneration. We must protect the lungs so that they can operate correctly, smoothly and continuously.