Quitting Smoking is Neither Easy Nor Difficult, why?

Why it is so hard to quit smoking? Addicted smoking whether can quit? The longer you smoke the harder to quit? These are questions that smokers are always wonder when notice alarming signs of potential health effects of secondhand smoke.

Anyone who has ever determined to quit smoking will understand that quit a habit is not easy. With products like tobacco substance, quit smoking is indeed not easy. However, it is not too difficult. Evidence that has thousands of smokers successfully quit smoking in fact.

Quitting smoking is not easy

There are many people share that they know smoking is harmful, known that they are addicted to tobacco but it’s really hard to quit. The explanation is simple: in 7000 chemicals present in tobacco, nicotine is dominated sectors. This is substance make smokers have instant pleasure and difficult to leave if they smoke. Leading nicotine into the body daily has to be extremely detrimental to health not to mention the tobacco have hundreds of toxic chemicals and 70 different carcinogens.

Quitting smoking is neither easy nor difficult, why?

After a long time, the body will start giving warnings about the health dangers. By this time, people know they were addicted but hardly quit. The evidence is 95% people quit smoking were relapse.

Stop smoking, your body begins to manifest as fatigue, upset and restless. These are signs that the body is hungry of nicotine and this urge smokers smoke just one cigarette. Despite the use of medical therapy or nicotine replacement are not yet fully effective and safe.

Currently, in order to determine whether a person is addicted to smoking or not by the standards of Vietnam and the world, our country has too many people are considered smokers. This is a sad sign of the state when under a lot of funds entails: social costs, health costs, cost of labor…

You can still quit smoking

While saying that smoking cessation is not easy, but there were thousands of people worldwide may be quit smoking. By gradually reducing smoking habits, location and time, you will be less prone to drug abuse.

Although smoking is recognized as addictive habit, we still believe that smokers can quit. And they only do that when there are motives, clear plan.

Quitting smoking is neither easy nor difficult, why?

There are many methods to support smoking cessation. For example: nicotine patches, electronic cigarettes or gum… This is an alternative cigarette, putting nicotine into the body to quit. However, it is worth mentioning here is that you can quit or not is still unknown, putting nicotine into the body would endanger your health. You can read article to find down the methods for quitting on my blog!!!!