Best Ways to Quit Smoking

When picked this handbook to read that means you have a certain determination to quit smoking. Congratulations! Although smoking cessation is not an easy task, this is entirely possible if you already have high determination. Half of smokers who previously smoke can quit. Why can not you?

To make your smoking cessation process is easy and smooth. I design this handbook as fellow guide you every step of the process of smoking cessation. Currently, several hospitals across the country have built smoking cessation counseling model for all those interested. You can contact your nearest hospital to get the fullest support.
Good luck!!!

The process of smoking cessation will undergo four stages:

  1. Think about smoking cessation
  2. Prepare for smoking cessation
  3. Implement smoking cessation
  4. Maintain a life without tobacco dependence

* Step 1: Why do I need quit smoking?
– Please list all the reasons why you should quit smoking in the table below.
– Mark the reason you find most important for you.
– Keep this list with you, when you need to read again to remind yourself every craving.

I quit smoking because:
1    ‘I do not want my son learn his dad’s habit. ‘
2    ‘I want to spend the cost of smoking for mychildren have Study conditions. ‘
3    ‘My doctor said that my disease would be serious if I’m not stopping smoking. ‘
4    ‘At my company does not have anywhere to smoke. I just have to go out. It wastes time. ‘
5    ‘My wife started to get pregnant, smoke will harm the health of wife and my children.
6    …

What benefit I got when quit smoking?
Immediate benefits:
* Within 30 minutes after your last cigarette:
– Blood pressure and heart rate will drop to normal levels.
– Temperature of hands and feet increases to normal levels

* Within 1 day:
– Concentration of CO (carbon monoxide) in exhaled breath begins to decrease to normal levels.
–  Concentration of oxygen in the blood begin to rise to normal levels.
– Breath no longer smells of tobacco.

* Within 2 days:
-Taste and smell improves

* Within 3 days:
– Breathe Easier

* Within 2 weeks:
– Cough decreases
– Concentration of carbon monoxide in the blood return to normal
– Blood oxygen return to normal levels
– No nicotine in the body anymore.

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Long-term benefits:
– Reduced risk of heart attacks, cancer and lung diseases
– make teeth and gums healthier
– your body and Family happier and stronger
– feeling of success and more confidence because you can stop smoking
– You save money and time.

* Step 2: Who in the family, group of friends / colleagues can help you quit smoking?
– Smoking cessation is not an easy job, let those around you support and help you.
– Listing list who you think can help you.

* Step 3: The reason that I still nostalgically with tobacco?
You must understand the factors that can stimulate you smoke and the ways to overcome or avoid confrontation with them during the smoking cessation.
1    ….
2    ….
3    ….
4    ….

*You have signs of nicotine addiction?
You smoke even within 30 minutes after wake up?
You smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day?
You see the body struggle or have signs of “hungry” tobacco when try to quit?

* Why You smoke?
Addiction (nicotine) Emotions influence (work pressure, like, Communication)

*When do you smoke?
– Just wake up
– When drinking coffee
– After meal
– When drinking
– When watching Tv
– When meeting friends
– When reading the newspaper

* Step 4: If you have been smoking cessation:
– Accept the fact that you’ve failed. BUT this does not mean you can not quit!
– Please draw experience from previous failures to prepare for better times.

What helped me forget cigarettes at last time?
– Walk after dinner instead of sitting around reading the newspaper
– Call to talk to a friend

What things make I smoke again?
– Drunk at a party
– I think that just smoking a cigarette

Best Ways to Quit Smoking

-Decide the day to quit smoking
-Select the day that you feel relax, not under pressure, but not too free.

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Note: You should start decreasing the amount of tobacco in preparation for the smoking cessation phase.
–  Search for help
– Inform the decision to quit smoking with people around.
– Ask family, friends, co-workers (who are listed in the list above) to help you.
– Ask those around you not to smoke in front or invite you
– Ask experience from who successfully quit smoking.
– Find to smoking cessation counseling room at the hospital if you have the need for support and assistance in the process of smoking cessation.

* Remove all items related to smoking
– Remove all ashtrays and tobacco in your house and workplaces.
– Do not bring lighters and tobacco.

*Prepare adjunct if you use drug treatments
– Contact counselors for smoking cessation in hospitals for advice on drugs to support smoking cessation.

* Be prepared to face difficulties
– Analysis challenges may affect your determination to quit smoking.

– Friends invited smoke
– In the environment that everyone smoke
– Working pressure
– unhappy situation
– …………………………………………
The symptoms starving tobacco:
– Dizziness, headache
– quick to anger, restlessness
– craving tobbaco
– Dyspepsia
– Hard to concentrate

Plan to deal with challenges

Arrange reasonable time to quit smoking (comfort, less stress at work and home)
+ Planning some hobbies unrelated to tobacco:
+ temporary Planning away from environment that have many friends smoke (parties, birthdays)

Understand that the symptoms drug hunger is temporary, lasting 1 to 3 weeks early smoking addiction. They do not last forever.
– Prepared some things at home and work to create new habits:
+ Snacks: Melon seeds, gum, etc. (the food is not too sweet and low energy)
+ Toys: a pen, toothpick, etc. (for hands busy, not empty)
+ Support drug (if additional treatment with medication)

Best Ways to Quit Smoking

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NOTE: Gain Weight may be encountered in some people when they quit due to less activity or food substitute for smoking. On average, quit smoking may increase approximately 2 kg. To avoid gaining weight, you should eat 3-6 small meals daily instead of one big meal, avoid fatty foods, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, keep working and practice sports.
– Prepare available gilf as a reward for yourself when quit smoking successfully
– Not need expensive gift but meaningful.
– Price approximately equal to the savings from not buying cigarettes.

The day you planning to quit smoking has come! You remember a few things to make your process are easier:
– When quit, do not touch cigarettes
– Said to yourself: ‘Today I do not smoke!’

Cheer yourself after each successful day:  Your goal is each day that passes does not smoke.

Avoid any temptation:  Wine / beer easily lead to the re-use of tobacco. You should avoid using these drinks during at least two weeks early before quit smoking.

Avoid placing yourself in situations that has temptation.
– The refusal of tobacco would be difficult in the circumstances surrounding people are smoking. So, temporary during your smoking cesation, you should avoid parties or birthdays which have friends smoke.
–  If in your house has other people smoke, encourage them to quit, if not, ask them not to invite or smoking in front of you.
– Replace old habits with new habits are not related to smoking.
– Avoid the habit leads to smoke (sit alone drink coffee, sit and talk with friends who are smoking, etc.)
– Strengthen sport activities, or activities not related to smoking.
– Responding to the physiological changes of the body

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Smoking cessation would lead to some changes in the physiological make you uncomfortable. This is because the body has been accustomed to a certain amount of nicotine when you are smoking. However, these symptoms will pass in a time which not long (1-3 weeks). Some drugs supports and psychological treatments can help you overcome this period easier.
–  Using smoking cessation support (the nicotine replacement products, bupropion, and varenicline) as directed by counselors at smoking cessation counseling at the hospital (if applicable measures supported by medicine).
– Application of mental therapy:

Symptom Countermeasures
starving tobacco Cravings just reached a climax within 1-5 minutes. It will pass WITHIN 5 MINUTES. Let’s do something for the dominant feeling in this time.

  • Drink a glass of water
  • Take deep breath
  • Do Exercise
  • Call to somebody (non-smokers)
  • Always let your hands busy (play pens, cards, etc.)
  • Reduce speed of work within days
  • Exercise more
  • Work shorter, alternate breaks
  • Focus on your diet
Cough The cough may last for 1 to 2 weeks

  • Sip warm water
Tension and irritability
  • Go walking
  • Soaking in warm water
  • Share feelings with someone
Sadly, stagnation This situation will improve. Don’t worry.

  • Do a few simple exercises (eg brisk walk for 5-10 minutes.)
Feelings of hunger fast
  • Eat small meals, less energy (eg vegetables, etc.)
  • 6 meals a day
  • Drink plenty of water
Difficult sleeping
  • Soaking in warm water
  • Drink a cup of milk before go to sleep
  • Reading or listening to music, but not too long
  • Do exercise during the day

Reward yourself:  If you have gone through the stage of smoking cessation, congratulations to you! You have initial success!  Reward yourself a gift.
However, remember that smoking cessation was defined as successful only after 1 year continuous not smoking. So tell yourself that even if you were successful, any time there is also the risk of smoking back if you tried smoking even just a little.

Best Ways to Quit Smoking

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4. Maintain a life without tobacco dependence
Be Careful with the risk of relapse: When your body has passed the stage of physiological changes, you will not have to deal with the discomfort in the body. However, you will have to do a more important thing is to deal and not let the feeling of hungry tobacco (because smoking has become a habit) control you. Only then will you really be able to sustain life without depending on cigarette. Here are some suggestions to help you overcome this feeling.
– Always keep the list of reasons to quit smoking when you crave tobacco, you can open it again.
– Remind yourself every time you lit a cigarette:
– Quitting smoking is not easy. But I have done this for many days. There is no reason now to suck. Please stop!
– Use imagination: Visualize your lungs picture was smoked black. Visualize the disappointment of relatives and those who are helping you quit.
– Delay – not respond to the call: Be aware that the craving tobacco come and will go in a few minutes. When it comes, you let your body inert and you did not have to respond.
The cravings will go away but you do not need to smoke.
– Do something else to distractions: After eating, do not sit at long tables which take a walk, go brush your teeth, etc.
– Maintain positive habits unrelated to tobacco.
– Count how much you save from quitting and reward yourself or loved favorite gift with equivalent value. Readmore: The Experience to Quit Smoking Successfully

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