Smoking Story and Join the Gym!

Rain, cold wind, at the gym will certainly witness a large number of men at home to store food for the winter and suck hand as bears to survive the cold winter of Northern. The rain, nobody is foolish to drive to join the gym to get wet and cold. On this occasion, Fitness – Mann up category will tell you a couple of stories about the fitness of the gentlemen.

1. Smoking Story

Surely no one forget that scenes of Satan touch hand on chest of Constantine, and pulled out a pile of slimy dark tar in the movie “Constantine” (Francis Lawrence – 2005). So after watching that scene, to people who have never touched a cigarette can imagine the result of smoking.

A joke, unfortunately, life is not like in movies

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health, when radios, televisions show the science video of brain death due to rupture of the cerebrovascular (stroke has two types: ischemic brain or bleeding in the brain (by breaking circuit) but the documentary I was watching, it talked about smoking more lead to stroke), and more sorrowful is right on the package marked line “SMOKING KILLS”. But who buy and then smoke just know that word. There are many said that it had many flavors and now marketed accidentally come with each people and all ages.

Smoking Story and Join the Gym

So, how smoking can affect join the gym?

I have a friend in the form of heavy smokers and despite trying to practice; the result is still on zero. He asked my footsteps out, I only answered shortly, “Due to cigarettes.” He seemed surprised that these other deadly effects none apparently affects weight-height of the people of Vietnam. After some explanation, my friend temporarily promises:

“I’ll quit.”
“Given how long?”
“Just know that already”

Who knows a smoker will recognize this scenario: they quit smoking for several weeks or months, then a stressful life event occurs and they chose cancer sticks again and started smoking again.
So tobacco affects the absorption into the body, making them thin as young children? Maybe so. Depending on the diet of people smoking. If every night you always drinking, you can too. Many people I met also recommend the overweight people are smoke to quickly lose weight. Yes, it is true that it will lose weight, and you will be given promotions to add a dozen of disease in body, must be attached great gift to anybody want to use this product.

Which culture is?

So let’s understand the mechanism!

Nicotine in cigarettes enhances the energy consumption of the body through the following mechanisms:

(1) Stimulates enzyme lipoprotein – lipase increased mobilization of fat reserves, strengthen the lysis of lipid, reducing the synthesis of lipid. Reduce fat mass associated with redistribution of body fat, fat concentrated in the abdomen than in the hip and appear male form (different from the female form is concentrated fat in hip more than in the abdomen)

(2) Stimulates the sympathetic nervous system increases cathecolomin synthesis, speeds up metabolism, increases heat generation. Each cigarette increases energy consumption from 8-10 kcal due to increasing heat generated and speed up metabolism. So smoke from 20-30 cigarettes per day, the energy consumption in addition to the 200-300 kcal per day.

(3) Inhibition of insulin secretion, causing hyperglycemia, reduces hunger, reduces the need to eat. (According to the smoking cessation Advisory Handbook)

So conversely, if quitting smoking, the slim men can return to the original weight, increased secretion of insulin to reduce blood sugar increases feelings of hunger and the need to eat, the restoration of the sensitivity of the head nerves taste and smell help people quit smoking feel more delicious leads to eat more.

Smoking Story and Join the Gym

Next, not make readers scare anymore.

Smokers look older than people of the same age do not smoke. Just look closely to someone’s face, it is easy to recognize they smoke or not. Because smoke activates a gene responsible for enzymatic breakdown of collagen, a substance account for 70% cell dry weight of skin. The result is that the smoke makes the skin lose elasticity, saggy and wrinkled. Smoking will not make your skin young and not beautiful.

Add a little scare.

Ok, so surely people are still curious about the link between smoking and bodybuilding. Here Fitness Mann ups have found a very common question that people often posed:

“Is there any effect when Training exercise and uses alcohol and tobacco after training?”

Readers, especially those who smoke: Very bad, not only fitness but all other sports. After do exercises, the body has to metabolism and exchange more gas, tachycardia to quickly take the blood to the cells for up demand, so the toxins in alcohol and cigarettes will also make the body absorb more.

2. Justification: Sir, I have reason to smoke in the gym! Smoking is done, I felt training better, more “buffalo”. Each inhalation, I always breathe full chest and that’s what makes the exchange more oxygen, making me more awake when training. So there is nothing wrong when I smoke???

Nicotine is addictive. It makes you feel calm and relaxed but alert and focused at the same time. And, it’s more than a feeling, it has become a habit.

Putting a cigarette to lips, blowing smoke out, return your lips – this sequence is a great habit to fill time when you’re stressed, bored, lonely, angry or even idle. Many people have a habit ingrained in some part of their life. Smoke after meals, smoking at a bar, smoking while driving… Actually real life is not so beautiful

Fitness to quit smoking, why not?

Overall lifestyle that gym can be shaped to create helps boost your desire to quit smoking and can also increase your chances of success.

1. Fitness helps you manage cravings. When you quit smoking, you will need to manage the desire for a cigarette in hand.

2. As a bodybuilder, you know how to manage your cravings, similar to smoking. You are familiar with many situations where people are eating “pure garbage” (a hamburger and fries) and you have abstained. You can use these techniques to help you manage cravings

3. Fitness makes you feel good: It increases the production of endorphins hormones create excited feeling. In addition, you feel better about your overall appearance when you are an athlete bodybuilder.
4. Fitness gives you perseverance. Nothing like a challenging sport to build your desire on your road to success. Surely you can not achieve your goals today but now you can try again. It is the ability to persevere, even in the face of setbacks in trying to quit smoking.

Smoking Story and Join the Gym
If any smoke, the dream body as this will spiral out of hand…

Wish you have the right choice.