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What is SecondHand Smoke and Effects of Secondhand Smoke

What is SecondHand Smoke and Effects of Secondhand Smoke (Passive Smoking):  Everyone knows that

The Influence of Tobacco Smoke on Children

Children regularly are passive smoking, the resistance will be weak, vulnerable to get infections,

The Harmful Effects of Passive Smoking on Children

Tobacco smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, including 69 carcinogens. When you smoke, all these

Tobacco Smoke Causes Harm to Children

Direct Smokers and people were sitting next to have same harmful by tobacco smoke

Passive Smoking and the Effects of Secondhand Smoke to Children

Smoking is not only harmful to the smokers but also harmful to those around

Do not Let the Smoke Harm Your Child

Cigarettes have much harm to children’s health, though that they just inhaled cigarette smoke

The Diseases Caused by Passive Smoking

Passive Smoking is hazardous and affects public health and is particularly dangerous for children.

Protecting Children Against the Harmful Effects of Tobacco

We need to know, direct smoking or passive smoking are equally harmful. In fact,