The Diseases Caused by Passive Smoking

Passive Smoking is hazardous and affects public health and is particularly dangerous for children. Passive Smoking increases the risk of serious respiratory problems in children such as asthma and other respiratory infections as well as the risk of middle ear infections, lung cancer and coronary heart disease in adults.

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Passive Smoking is also known as exposure tobacco smoke to environment, including smoke caused by burns cigarettes and the smoke exhaled by smokers.

The harmful effects of passive smoking on children

Children exposed to secondhand smoke if mothers smoke during pregnancy, or if the mother is passive smokers, or children living with smokers. Secondhand smoke is especially dangerous for young children because their lungs are not fully developed and more sensitive to irritants and toxins in tobacco smoke. Children that have parents smoke will reduce lung function and more likely to have health problems.

The Harmful Effects of Passive Smoking on Children

It’s sudden death syndrome in infants, low birth weight, respiratory problems (acute respiratory infections, symptoms of chronic respiratory disease), middle ear disease and inflammatory tonsillectomy, asthma symptoms, adverse effects on lung function development. The evidence is having enough to prove cause and effect relationship between parental smoking and middle ear disease include recurrent ear infections and acute and chronic Otitis media.

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The incidence of recurrent otitis media and chronic Otitis media in children is associated with passive smoking and this proportion is higher than in children not exposed to tobacco smoke were 1.3 times (for recurrent otitis media) and 1.4 times (for chronic Otitis media ). Mothers smoked during pregnancy were shown to affect children’s lung function during the children time.

The study also demonstrated passive smoking after birth also reduced lung function of children. Synthetic research results shows young passive smokers is reduced by 0.32% vital capacity exertion; 1.2% feffort of breathing capacity, 4.8% rate of exhalation midterm and exhaled 4.3% rate of exhalation finalterm.

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The harmful effects of passive smoking in adults

Passive Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer in non-smokers by 20-30% more than those who do not smoke both passive and and active. The scientific evidence also shows the relationship between passive smoking and breast cancer and nasal sinus cancer. However there is insufficient evidence to conclude that passive smoking causes two cancers. Not only that, passive smoking is a cause of increasing 25 to 30% risk of disease and death due to coronary heart disease in both men and women. (Editor: How To Quit Smoking BLOG)