The Evil monster Cancers Caused by Tobacco

Here is the evil monster cancer caused by smoking, you should know to take precautions. Tobacco is the leading causes of cardiovascular disease, cancer of all parts of the body, lung diseases, birth defects, premature birth…Cigarettes are generally harmful to all organs in the body. The leading diseases caused by tobacco are cancer: 30% of all cancers.

The Impact of Tobacco on Physical Health
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The Evil monster Cancers Caused by Tobacco

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every 8 seconds a person dies because of tobacco. Each year, tobacco killed 4.9 million people worldwide. And with the current trend, if no effective measures to stop it by 2030 will have 10 million people die of tobacco, 70% in the developing countries.

Laryngeal Cancer

Particularly for laryngeal cancer is caused by cigarette smoking accounts for more than 80%, smoke into the body will impact on the larynx seemed intact its toxin, so it caused a lot stronger influence.

Lung cancer caused by smoking

This is the first cancer, accounting for the highest proportion caused by smoking. Smokers within 6 months are at risk for lung cancer 6.5 times higher than non-smokers. In particular, smokers may die sooner than 20 years compared with non-smokers.

The Evil monster Cancers Caused by Tobacco

The sooner you smoke the higher chance of developing lung cancer. The harmful effects of secondhand smoke not only for smokers but also affects “passive” smokers exposure to tobacco smoke environment with increased risk of lung cancer are very high.

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Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is a disease currently causing nuisance for most women, despite having prophylactic vaccine but does not promote thorough 100% preventive effect, so preventive measures with a healthy lifestyle has played a very important role. And smoking is the cause of this disease that you need to give up from now.

Cancer of the penis

If tobacco smoke causes cervical cancer in women, for men it is the cause of penile cancer is becoming more common that according to many statistics, some penile cancer patients are people have the habit of longtime smoking.

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Smoking is the cause of oral cavity cancer

Including tongue cancer, hard palate, soft palate, salivary glands, mouth and throat, tonsils … by smoking often accompanies heavy drinking, beer, alcohol, the tobacco and food interaction will support increase the risk of oral cavity cancer. According to numerous scientific studies show that people who regularly smoke are at risk for mouth cancer 27 times higher than those who do not smoke, are not exposed to tobacco smoke environments.