The Harm of Smoking and the Way to Quit Smoking


Tobacco kills half of those who use it. Half of them dying in middle age. On average per day, there are 10,000 people in the world die due to tobacco use, equivalent to 10 large aircraft have accidents every day.

In Vietnam, 50% of men and 3.4% of women smoke (according to the World Health Organization).  26% of young people aged 15-24 smoke tobacco. 40% of male Medical staff smoke and 1.3% of female Medical staff smoke. Without timely intervention, 10% of Vietnam’s population (7.5 million people) will die early due to smoking. According to estimates by the World Health Organization, by 2020 Vietnamese people died from the use of tobacco products is more than the number of deaths due to HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis, traffic accidents and suicide combined!

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Tobacco is a poisonous plant, especially the older leaves, with high levels of Nicotine. It has been found that adults die by using about 15 – 20 g of tobacco. Children should only take a few grams to death.

The Harm of Smoking and the Way to Quit Smoking

The primary ingredient of tobacco or waterpipe tobacco is nicotine, an alkaloid. Nicotine is known to be named by a French diplomat Nicot (1530 – 1600), the first to enter the tobacco in France. Nicotine content of these drugs varies from 2-10%. Some kind of good waterpipe tobacco can contain up to 16% Nicotine. Nicotine is used in low doses, creating a gentle refreshing and reduces fatigue. However, if they use in long-term, it will cause dependence and harmful for the body, high doses causing death as mentioned above.

The Impact of Tobacco on Health In Terms of Mental and Social
The Impact of Tobacco on Physical Health


Just a few seconds after smoking, we will feel the stimulation of nicotine to the central nervous system and to the whole body. Some part have receptors receive  nicotine in the brain, so when smoking, smokers will have lucid mind and work effectively or in times of stress, anxiety, tobacco can make smokers feel relaxed and calmer. Nicotine increases the secretion effects of neurotransmitter and hormones involved in resistance to the stress function of the body as cathecolamine (epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine), beta endorphine and cortisol types.

The Harm of Smoking and the Way to Quit Smoking

These substances make smokers feel calm, confident, less anxious and have more energy to work. But actually if we even smoke more, the body is stimulated secretion of hormones continuously until these substances are depleted. At that moment, instead of feeling comfortable, the smokers will feel fatigue, difficulty concentrating… Unfortunately the majority of smokers are not aware of this problem, as they saw smoke without refreshing feeling, they tended to increase the dose, so more and more severe addiction and suffered the consequences are bad. Smoking cravings addicts also appears when exposed to cigarette, pipe, a matchbox, with the flavor of the moment lit cigarettes, or seeing others who are smoking. The taste of the cigarettes smoked in the body is also an addictive element. Some emotions occur as pleasant feeling or excitement after smoking for some people. Feeling confident on contact, talk and communicate with people around. Tobacco use also helps us concentrate more easily and increase creativity (the artist often smoking).

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Adolescent, smoking by imitating adults and as a way to assert themselves no longer aged children. Living, learning and working with a group of friends are smokers, sooner or later we will smoke as them. In the family if the parents smoking, children are also being addicted. Finally the advertisement issue of cigarette manufacturers also contributed strong influence to smoking addiction matter of generations.


It distinguishes the two sources of smoke: mainstream smoke and second-hand smoke:
– Mainstream smoke is the smoke inhaled by smokers; exhale contains more than 4.700 different substances including the following substances:

– Nicotine in a cigarette contains about 1 -3mg Nicotine is a toxic substance and as discussed above.

  • Carbon monoxide (C0), in a cigarette containing 20ml of CO, this is a substance prevents oxygen transport in the blood, so in a man who had respiratory failure, the smoke will make it exacerbated.
  • The irritants (aldehydes, acids, phenol …) causing chronic bronchitis, distracting ventilation and most dangerous is carcinogenic substances, which are Benzopyrens, Dibenzoanthracene, Benzofluenthene, Dibenzopyrene, cancerogenes…

– Second-hand smoke is the smoke emitted from cigarette to burn naturally when not smoking and contain toxic components of second-hand smoke is the same as in the mainstream smoke, but many times higher, so it is very dangerous for smokers, especially those who smoke passively. So smoking, the risk of the disease (described in the next section) is higher many times than normal people.

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Smoking is the incomplete burning of tobacco going through two stages: smoke proactive Stage, occurs when addicts inhale cigarette smoke into body. Passive smoking Phase, people present around will inhale the smoke that the smoker excess emissions.

5.1. The common disease when smoking initiative

a. Respiratory diseases

• Pathology of the upper respiratory: such as chronic rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, chronic laryngitis, maxillary sinus cancer, throat cancer, laryngeal cancer.

• Pathology in the lower respiratory: chronic bronchitis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer.

• Pulmonary pathology: pneumonia, dilated alveoli, lung cancer.

b. Vascular system diseases: disease atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, arterial thromboembolic disease, stroke.

c. Cancer at other parts: lip cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, bladder and kidney cancer, cervical cancer.

d. The effects of smoking on reproductive function:

• Pregnancy: reducing the average weight of fetus about 200g, premature delivery…

• The Lactation: Nicotine is excreted in milk may affect the infant. Men who smoke may suffer from depression or impotence genitals.

e. The impact of tobacco on the nervous system: the recently studies demonstrated that smoking reduces the number of nerve cells in the brain.

The Harm of Smoking and the Way to Quit Smoking

5.2. The risk of passive smoking

People do not smoke but have lived or worked with smokers, especially children have high risk of disease caused by inhaling secondhand smoke. Workers work in the tobacco factory was similar risks:

For adults: lung cancer and other diseases.

Children: very susceptible to cigarette smoke! Children are prone to chronic bronchitis with acute exacerbation, Ear – Nose – Throat pathology, headache.

5.3. Other diseases caused by smoking:

a. Gastrointestinal diseases: inflammatory peptic, duodenal and gastric ulcers

b. Ear – Nose – Throat Pathology.

c. Diseases of the respiratory system: airways inflammation, laryngitis, sore gums

d. These skin disorders: Early onsets of wrinkles on the face, Nicotine make your skin of the fingers (hold the cigarette) becomes yellow- brown.
5.4. Other harmful effects of tobacco

– Economic impact on families: smokers will spend a sizable amount of money to buy cigarettes, which affect the income of the family, especially in these families have difficult economic. Smoking cigarettes will certainly cause dangerous diseases, as described above, the cost of medical care for smokers and people were passive smokers in the family is very large, the family can not bear it (not to mention the many serious illnesses such as cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease …).

– Affect the national economy: arable land for the production of food crops shrinking, give way to tobacco growers for a higher profit. A huge amount of paper serves the matter of cigarettes, and other types of packaging. Tobacco trashes also adversely affect the environment. Cost of medical care for people smoking and reducing their workdays are huge losses for a country with many smokers. In addition there are risks cause intense fires and forest fires devastated a national resource! ….

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6.1. According to Modern Medicine

People have deep study and proposed several methods of treatment of nicotine addiction. The method normally used is Nicotine replacement therapy.

In some cases patients can not quit by using other methods, the physician can guide patient use gradually replace tobacco therapy, which means taking a substance has similar affect as nicotine but not addictive and less toxic to the body.

Chewing gum that contains Nicotine replacement and descending, to help patients get rid of the symptoms caused by the lack of nicotine if abrupt stopping smoking.

The Harm of Smoking and the Way to Quit Smoking

6.2. Oriental Traditional Medicine

– Acupuncture
– Traditional Medicine Drug
– Exercise: Ayurvedic methods, meditation, yoga….
– Psychotherapy

Why stop smoking we usually gain weight? Nicotine may make smokers less cravings and if smoking a pack to a pack and a half a day, will consume about 200 calories of energy. So after quit smoking will increase body weight. There are many cases of obesity and become obsessions for most people who quit smoking especially among women, for the following reasons: Your body may tend to increase their fat reserves by diet drink and metabolize the excess energy from the body after smoking cessation. In addition, food cravings phenomenon is very common for people smoking cessation because they use candy, cake … as a way to resist the temptation of tobacco, a habit eat many sweets , increased body weight.

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Want to resist the gain weight, what should you do? You must comply with the following principles:

– Reduce the fat in your food, and choose foods with health benefits.
– Start a program of regular sport, enough to drain all excess energy in your body.
– If you are a heavy smoker, should consult a specialist to be able to apply alternative therapies if necessary, for example, using a patch, or a gum. Replacement therapy can gradually help you avoid the occurrence of unusual symptoms during the process.

The Harm of Smoking and the Way to Quit Smoking


• When deciding to quit smoking, we must be prepared for successful addiction problem. Must set a date for implementation of the decision to quit:

Time implement smoking cessation should last from 10 to 15 days, in this time period to comply with the following requirements:

– Do not leave cigarettes in pocket, when cravings smokers should imagine the special picture or do a something to forget this feeling, because just about 5-10 minutes trying to fight with the smoking cravings, then this demand will disappear.
– When cravings smokers should ask these questions to see the nonsense of it: why do I have this cigarette? Smoking has high risk of developing lung cancer along with other dangerous diseases, why I still smoke? Why it is so dangerous that I still smoking? Why would I ruin my health, damage the health of the family and those around you? Health was ruined and must spend money, try to get money for the necessary and conducive to better health? I was looking at our children, we will follow our example and smoking in the future, at that time what should we do?

– When not bear it anymore, we should go buy tobacco instead of available at home or in your pocket and just buy one.

– Try to lengthen the time between two times of smokings as long as possible.

– When smoking, keep the smoke in mouth and should not smoke deep into the lungs. Should smoke half of cigarettes and then throw away, do not suck up to the ends of cigarettes (as this would be very hazardous due to the amount of nicotine deposited later in cigarettes). When the smoke should use a filtered cigarette or use a separate filter to filter down the amount of nicotine. In the distance between two smoke, we should use alternatives like chewing gum, candy, or suck some appropriate foods, can drip into the mouth of clove oil to lose feeling tobacco cravings.

The Harm of Smoking and the Way to Quit Smoking

• On momentous decision to quit smoking, we can carry out the following tasks:

– We should organize a party for family and friends to claim that this is the day I will quit and raised the required help. Recommend everyone should pay attention if we violate, support to overcome difficulties when there are cravings occur and notice to relatives and friends when visit should not smoke before your face.

– Remove all the symbols what can make us remember to smoking (change of scenery where we often smoke, dispose of ashtrays …).

– Changing habits often perform together with the smoke as a coffee morning at a popular cafe, with certain friends. Avoid meeting people often smoke with.

– Exercise regularly, start walking 30 minutes to 1 hour. Walking helps the body to produce amount of endogenous morphine, this may reduce the smoking cravings. Exercise … all help the body to produce endogenous morphine. Meditation, relaxation regularly every day will uphold its unique effect, helps the body get rid of dependence on tobacco, alcohol and even drugs.

– If the cravings are still appearing let’s make the right steps to extinguish that flame covet: Please inhale a deep breath as if you are smoking, holding your breath as long as possible. Drink a sip of water (or may take many sips continuously), drink plenty of water also helps to decrease the amount of Nicotine out of the body. Suck on a toothpick, a piece of cinnamon or a slice of licorice. Eat a piece of candy or chewing a gum. Look for a job, or something fun to do for relief craving tobacco. Finally if unbearable cravings anymore, recommended replacement therapy by a gum has nicotine or tape on the skin that contain nicotine. Find everything to do with gain weight after quitting.

The above part only shows the way to help you quit smoking by yourself.  This way you can fully realized if really determined to quit. However, if you have determined to quit smoking but can not do it by yourself, you should look to the counseling and treating tobacco dependence center, the experts will help you to make this dream come true by combining many complex methods.