The Harmful Effects of Cigarette Smoke on the Health of the Baby That You Should Know

The harmful effects of tobacco smoke on the health of the baby that mothers should know to take care of your children better. Infants and young children when inhaled a lot of smoke tobacco will seriously affect health as well as the formation of the personality of the child. To help you have more information about the effect of secondhand smoke on children, we invite you to consult the information in the article below for more information.

Passive smoking is the inhalation (also called exposure) smoke is made up from people smoking. Cigarette smoke contains many chemicals which can increase the risk for many different diseases, especially children.

The Harmful Effects of Cigarette Smoke on the Health of the Baby That You Should Know

According to medical experts, the heart and blood vessels tend to be compromised by different types of smoke, whether you smoke or not. In addition to heart disease, children are exposed to tobacco smoke passively still vulnerable to other problems of health.

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Most of us are not aware of all the dangers of inhaling secondhand smoke compared to the harm of smoking. As a result the study was done recently showed that more than 40% of children exposed to passive smoke. If you regularly breathe tobacco smoke in the environment, children may face many troubles below:

Respiratory disease

Children inhale tobacco smoke are at risk for many diseases have both upper and lower respiratory tract. The typical symptoms of the disease commonly related lung colds and flu, cough, phlegm, dyspnea, wheezing, and pneumonia. Besides, children are likely to develop asthma if living with smokers.

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Meningitis and meningococcal infections

In addition to causing lung complications, passive smoking also reduces the immunity of the body and increases the sensitivity to infections in the brain. Children living with smokers will have risk of contagious bacteria causing meningitis. This type of bacteria is very harmful to the meninges (the cells surrounding the brain).

Similarly, the spread of meningococcal infections is one of the reasons why you should pay attention to the prevention of environmental tobacco smoke in their children’s lives because this is one of the very dangerous diseases for both adults and children.


According to research results published in the Journal of the American Dental Association (an association – the American Dental Association), exposure to passive tobacco smoke increases the likelihood of tooth decay in children. Although still not sure exactly about the association between passive smoking and tooth decay in children, but the study results showed that the children are still baby teeth if living with smokers will be prone to cavities than children who do not smoke passively.

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Ear infections

Second hand smoke is said to be the cause of the trouble is related to the child’s ear, including acute ear infection and recurrence (inflammation and infection of the middle ear of the child. if not treated in time can cause hearing loss, trouble on the issue of pronunciation and many other complications.

Behavior Problem

As the child’s brain is still in the development stage, so the passive inhalation of tobacco smoke can cause lasting effects on both physical and spiritual children. In the majority of cases, passive smoking causes children having limited learning ability, behavior problems, hyperactivity… Besides, the risk of children becoming smokers as adults will be higher.