The Impact of Tobacco on Health In Terms of Mental and Social

1. Summary of tobacco influence on physical health?

  • Cigarettes is preventable reason that cause many deaths  in the world.
  • Physical aspect, it is not just lung cancer but other diseases.
  • It affects not only the health of smokers but also the health of passive smokers.

2. What is Healthy mentally?
• No diseases or mental disorders. (Psychosis is not synonymous with “crazy”)
• Mental, a very simplified way: the mind (heart) and mental (spiritual)
• Good Heart: do good and avoid bad things, love yourself, love people, love life
• lucid spirit: to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of yourself for better; Know learn and acquire the necessary things to improve your health, your life and your families
• Balance between instinctive impulses, emotions and mind, and the will to control yourself • dealing appropriately and adequately with the pressure and stress of life.

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The Impact of Tobacco on Health In Terms of Mental and Social

3. The impact of tobacco on health in terms of mental health?
• The impact on the physical will directly affect mental health. For example, the depression rate happens very high in people with cancer and their family members.
• Smoking Cigarette itself is a mental abnormality as this is o self-poisoning and your relatives o The failure of mind, emotion and will in controlling an instinctive impulse. o How to deal incompatible with life’s pressures
• Addiction to tobacco, as well as mental abnormalities as other kinds of addicted. Actually this is the most murderous addictions to now (each year it kills about five million people in the worldwide)
• Previously, the ad not aware of its harmful, tobacco seen as a manifestation of the strong, masculine… o With the discovery of the dangers of tobacco and smoking is an expression of either *ignorance, * or weakness, unable to control yourself. o Control yourself is the most important thing in life to bring happiness, success, especially health.
• Mental Healthy start from a good heart love people, love life. Smoking is a harmful behavior, harm other people and harm life.

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4. What is Healthy socially?
The ability to gather and absorb knowledge, mastering behavior, communication with people around; financial capacity, the ability to get medical care, social security appropriate to protect, maintain and improve your own health, family and community.

5. The influence of tobacco on social health?
• Foryourself, smoking is the act o Or is the lack of conditions or ability to absorb knowledge.
• Hear is completely different from listen.
• From know to understand is a very long path. Long or short is because of your mind, the mind of each person
• “The mind and action combine”, if truly understanding, that understanding is the factor changed the mentality, the strongest intrinsic motivation alter your behavior o Or is irresponsible with the Friendly, family, and community
• Each individual is the most important factor in protecting, maintaining and improving the health of yourself
• For families and those around
o Harmful to health and therefore financial condition and their happiness, the family and society o In guiding children, if I had kept on doing what everyone knows to be harmful, then how to advise, teach your children to do the right things?

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The Impact of Tobacco on Health In Terms of Mental and Social

*Statistics show that children of smokers usually smoke like their father  No studies on behavioral see children of those people smoke have committed many of the “bad habits” or not.
However, in principle, if parents can’t be controllable impulses their instincts, still every day is doing “bad example” (here is smoke), then in addition to smoke, the children not serious about controlling their impulses instincts, to do other harmful things, which has drawn more likely to occur in families where parents restraint to set a good example for children, do what you say.

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2. Please summarize the main points of the effects of tobacco on health in terms of mental and social?
• Smoking itself is an unusual in mental and social, because it is an act of poisoning yourself and people around
• The effects of smoking on physical and mental will then cause of the mental and other social confusion, as the cause of mental disorders and financial, social difficulties for yourself,your families and society
• Smoking is a sign of weakness drowning, unable to control youself, and not of “masculinity”, the powerful … like before, when people are not knowledgeable enough about the harmful effects of tobacco
• In principle, this is a bad example for the children of non-self-control impulses instincts. And this will be a very large hole in guiding your children.