The Impact of Tobacco on Physical Health

The Impact of Tobacco on Physical Health

1. Why talk about cigarettes?  Tobacco is the reason cause many cases of death. A meticulous study showed that there are four million seven hundred thousand people in the worldwide died from tobacco in 2000, of which half are from the developed countries and half from developing countries. This number has trend to growing up.

The Impact of Tobacco on Physical Health

Percentage of people die because of tobacco in developing countries is increasing, surpassing developed countries. Forecast to 2030, the world will have 10 million deaths each year because of tobacco, of which 70 percent were from developing countries.

A publication of the American Statistical Association on 17 August 2005, aggregate more than 200 studies, showed that harmful effects on passive smoking (second-hand smoker), has damage to America $ 10 billion a year. This figure in other countries such as Vietnam probably is very significant.

2. The purpose of this program?

  • Present the dangers of cigarette not only to smokers but also their families
  • Expect those hesitating people will more determined to quit
  • Expect young people who start smoking will abandon this bad idea.
  • We hope people who don’t want to quit will rethink
  • Helping people who are looking to quit smoking can effectively quitting
  • Provide effective ways that friends and family can do to help their lover to Quit
  • We expect to have the “policy” from the state to families and individuals in order to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco (eg, absolutely no smoking in the house, reminding children about the harmful effects of tobacco …)

3. The theme is tobacco and health, so what is tobacco? In the past, tobacco advertising was intentional, poetic everywhere, from billboards, to movies, songs, poetry…

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In terms of health, tobacco is the substance and very toxic. – There have been numerous scientific studies clearly demonstrate its virulence. – Even the tobacco manufacturers are also recognized and noted on the pack that “smoking is harmful to health”. Tobacco contains about 4,000 substances which many of them are harmful to health. There are three important substances are:

  • Nicotine, – one of the main causes of addiction. It stimulates the secretion of epinephrine in the blood makes the heart work harder, and – minimizing blood vessels causes hypertension.
  • Plastic medicine (tar), – causing chronic inflammation to the respiratory system, and is – one of the main causes of lung cancer
  • Carbon monoxide (like waste from car exhaust). – In blood, it reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells and – also hurt and hardening of blood vessels, – increases the risk of heart attack.

4. Whether have many types of cigarettes or among them had any differences? Cigars, pipes, have any differences from cigarettes? – In terms of health, not much different – Yes, filter or not, raw or slightly smelly, cigar or pipes have also caused various harms.

Again what is health? – “Peace of both physical, mental and social, not merely absence of disease” (defined by the World Health Organization)

5. How Cigarette influence on your health in term of the physical aspect? – Increasing rates of cancers, heart disease, lung disease, abnormalities in pregnancy, sexual activity, eye disease, dental disease and many other diseases throughout the body

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6. What kinds of cancers rate will increase?

Lung cancer: 87 percent of lung cancer deaths in men and 80 percent of lung cancer deaths in women are caused by tobacco. Compared with nonsmokers, smokers have risk of developing lung cancer increases 23 times in men, 13 times in women. There is many evidences from scientific studies indicate other types of cancer related to tobacco

  • Cancer
  • Larynx
  • Trachea
  • Esophagus
  • Bladder
  • Stomach
  • Cervical
  • Kidney
  • The pancreas (Mia)
  • Blood cancer (acute myeloid leukemia)

7. Tobacco increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases?
– High blood pressure, high cholesterol (cholesterol) – with stroke – myocardial infarction – heart attack caused by heart arteries is clogged, – heart failure due to heart diseases mentioned above, – the rates of death from sudden cardiac death is higher (in Vietnam is often called “apoplexy”)

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The Impact of Tobacco on Physical Health

8. In addition to lung cancer, how does smoking affect to the respiratory system?
– Chronic hoarseness, chronic bronchitis, emphysema.. – Compared with nonsmokers, the death rate due to chronic pulmonary obstructive disease higher 12 times in men and 13 in women

9. Smoking can also affect vision? – Tobacco is also closely associated with nuclear cataract – is the disease most often causes blindness in older people in the worldwide. – Compared with nonsmokers, the risk of smokers is higher for this disease three times

10. How Cigarette affect your sex life? – Some studies have shown that smokers are victims of impotence (erectile dysfunction) were higher than non-smokers – Several other studies also show that tobacco can reduce sperm count in male.

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11. How Tobacco influence on women, especially during pregnancy – Women who smoke have a high risk of infertility more; – Smoking during pregnancy has ability to be stillborn child, prone to miscarriages or children born with low weight – the toxins of tobacco are also found in the milk of mothers who smoke

Tobacco also has other effects on physical health? – Tooth decay, periodontal disease (gums), chronic bad breath – increased risk of osteoporosis, fractures, gastric ulcers, diabetes – or short of breath, easy fatigue, early menopause vulnerable, confused menstrual – Smokers have a higher rate of sick leave, often being hospitalized over and time to be in the hospital longer, and slow healing after surgery or complications (especially pneumonia)- Ease of getting burned (for fire)

12. People with passive smoking has affected like people smoking or not? – Depending on the type of disease, Passive people may also have the same disease with different levels of influence – especially children, who breathe the smoke have a very high lung disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and they will have the higher risk to smoke in the future. The smaller they are the more severe impact

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13. Summary: Cigarettes is the reason can stop which cause preventable death in the world. Physical aspect, it is not just lung cancer but other diseases. o It affects not only the health of smokers but also the passive people