The Truth about Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are smoking; the device was commercialized since 2004. The idea is to simulate the sensation of smoking while providing an alternative source of nicotine without using tar. According to Flavours Cigarettes, e-cigarettes have many shapes and sizes, but their purpose is the same: to imitate other smoking tools such as pipes, cigars…

The Truth about Electronic Cigarettes

How Electronic cigarettes actives?

Users inhale through a mouthpiece. The airflow causes a puff sensor switch, machine run by a rechargeable battery. Nicotine solution Metabolize from a liquid into a gas at the top of the cigarette, it also triggered a red glowing light at the end of electronic cigarette. Hot flow enters the lungs, similar to cigarette smoke. When the user exhales a cloud of PEG (smoke also come in cartridges) loss quickly.

Comparing average prices of electronic cigarettes and regular cigarettes
$ 100: 1 electronic cigarette
$ 5.51: a pack of regular cigarettes
$ 2: A replacement cartridge

Reliability of electronic cigarettes: Each cartridge is equivalent to use at least 25 cigarettes

Advantages of electronic cigarettes:
– Do not have any tobacco in formula
– Users inhale nicotine synthesis without inhaling any tar
– They do not produce smoke, so can be used in a smoke-free environment. They reduce the health problems related to secondhand smoke.
– The liquid inside the cartridge is mainly composed of artificial nicotine, tobacco extract, propylene glycol (PEG), tetramethylpyrazine and flavorizers. Cigarettes often use accompanied by some 4,000 chemical products and about 43 carcinogens besides nicotine and PEG.

The truth about e-cigarettes

No clinical studies on long-term use of electronic cigarettes. There is evidence that they can cause harm.
This product still needs the approval of the FDA as a way to stop smoking.

Manual, composition, and compounds in fact, has been rejected many times by FDA for lack of scientific evidence.
Instead of quitting, nicotine habit will make them worse. In fact, people really can be encouraged to increase exposure to nicotine. Nicotine, after all, remains a kind of sleeping pills.

Some ingredients in electronic cigarettes were associated with digestion and even lesions (damaged) brain. The doctor said that the use of electronic cigarette is an alternative only …

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The Truth about Electronic Cigarettes

Comparing the levels of nicotine in electronic cigarettes and regular cigarettes, Consider smoke Per Day:
Tobacco use often: 14-21mg
Nicotine replacement products: 6-48mg
Electronic cigarettes: 3,38mg
The amount of nicotine in electronic cigarettes
The amount of nicotine in the cartridge pump has different concentrations, so that users can choose what suits them.

Here are some diseases related to nicotine:
– Artery spasm, causing the heart to pump blood harder.
– Acceleration of coronary artery disease.
– Ischemic heart
– High blood pressure
– Stroke
– Celiac disease
– Gastroesophageal reflux
– Slow healing process of the body.
– High cholesterol

Just Quit Smoking for You and Your Family 🙂