The Unknowns about Tobacco

We all know very well smoking is very harmful to health, but I heard that tobacco can be used as medicine for human diseases and cattle. Ask doctor to learn more about this plant?

It also called Nicotiana thnam (Cambodia), Tabac (France). Scientific name is Nicotiana tabacum Lin.  Belonging Solanaceous:  Solanaceae

A. Description
Tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum, is an herbaceous annual or perennial plant in the family Solanaceae grown for its leaves. The tobacco plant has a thick, hairy stem and large, simple leaves which are oval in shape. The tobacco plant produces white, cream, pink or red flowers which grow in large clusters, are tubular in appearance and can reach 60-75 in length and 30-50 in width. It is usually grown as an annual, surviving only one growing season. Tobacco may also be referred to as Virginia tobacco or cultivated tobacco and originates from South America.
Along with tobacco plant, in our country there are waterpipe tobacco plants – Nicotiana rustica L., lower body, with leaves is larger and thicker.


B. Distribution, harvesting and processing
Tobacco originated in America but was taken to grow in many countries around the world. It was planted tobacco by seed. First is sowing. When they are 10-15cm in height and they will be moved to plant in fixed place. The distance between each plant about 65cm (nicontin rate is higher if the trees far each other enough). Planting season varies by breed and climatic conditions in each region. During harvesting, drying job plays an important role decides the quality of tobacco. Maybe fry but to take the initiative, people often designed kiln.

Although tobacco is a poison, but out in the world people still grow tobacco a lot, mainly to smoking, a very few used as pesticides for crops, some little more used to cure disease.

C. Pharmacological effects
Tobacco is a poisonous plant; especially the older leaves have high nicotine content. Dosage to kill an adult is 0,06g nicotine.

These studies showed that tobacco increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer. Many statistics show that the numbers of smokers die of lung cancer is higher than nonsmokers. Plastics of smoke apply to the skin can cause skin cancer. So people have to find ways of limiting harmful of cigarette as convince to quit tobacco, smokers have cut down the nicotine, or filter tobacco have less nicotine.


D. Uses and dosage
Currently, tobacco, waterpipe tobacco is rarely used as medicines for people. In People, people use tobacco, waterpipe tobacco to fill the broken limbs, bleeding to stop the bleeding. As cure the bite of insects bites.

Cigarettes used to treat for livestock treatment and pest control for crops (crop protection).

For crops, they use shredded powder of tobacco (residue of industrial tobacco products), tobacco extract or industrial tobacco residues containing 10-20g sulfate nicontin per liter. When used, dilute solution containing 1% nicotine and spray on plants. Nicotine is not toxic to plants, but insects will do deep poisoning or inhalation exposure. However this is toxic when used should be careful to avoid toxicity to the user.

For animals, people use tobacco or waterpipe tobacco mixed with water to cure scabies, lice, bugs dog. Use 1% solution containing nicotine. Do not apply to the skin where have scrapes avoided poisoning.
Sometimes people use tobacco contains 40% nicotine deworming of cattle, goats (with 5-6ml dose for cattle, 1-2ml for goats).