Tobacco has Any Benefit for Heath or not?

Frankly, in addition to the disadvantages, tobacco also has some definite benefits. This article will give you a comprehensive view of the pros and cons of cigarettes.

1. The benefits of tobacco to human health

Nicotine is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease:  Nicotine- the main component of tobacco and also the substance that makes smokers adhere with this habit. Not only have in the ingredients of tobacco, nicotine is also used as a nerve stimulant to treat Alzheimer’s.

Nicotine in the body makes the mind relaxed, more refreshing. Only about 10 seconds after inhaling cigarette smoke, you will feel the changes of the brain. However, with the dose allowed, it will have benifit

The reason is because of the response of nicotine when it encounters nicotic acetylcholine receptors that the increased transduction, hormone dopamine in the brain secretes more refreshing sensation immediately.

Tobacco has Any Benefit for Heath or not?

Actually, these medical professionals have used this substance to support treatment for people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Doctors often use nicotine patches to help patients maintain cognitive abilities longer, recovered somewhat retention. It is also quite effective nicotine replacement therapy when addict wants to quit smoking.

Nicotine in cigarettes help alertness and equanimity: Nicotine used with high doses in moderate level has effective as a sedative to relieve pain. This is probably also the reason why people look to tobacco. It’s like a product to reduce immediate stress, stimulate the nervous system secretes serotonin. With mild depression patients, this doses are useful in treating and reducing stress

Nicotine in cigarettes raises blood pressure and blood sugar:  Adrenaline Hormone flow will be stimulated, increased transmission of nerve impulses leading to blood pressure and heart rate and blood sugar levels rise.

These are only small effect considering the enormous harm that secondhand smoke causes.
Because, for medicine, nicotine always be adjusted with appropriate dosage to put on the body. But those who have tobacco addiction, substance volume and other toxins into the body are a lot.

Tobacco has Any Benefit for Heath or not?

2. The harmful effects of smoking to human health

Bad breathe: The first is HCHO and NH3 found in cigarette smoke into the mouth causing inflammation. This substances Limiting saliva was secreted to 50%. Thus, bacteria, dry mouth, the plaque also develops leading to gingivitis and bad breath.

Ugly and old: Tobacco is one of the things that keeps people are aging rapidly. According to a recent scientific study, women will smoke every 10 years is older than the average person 2.5 years. Moreover, the skins will gradually darkening of rare expression, eye dark circles, sagging face and hair loss as much. Nicotine is as double-edged sword if the user does not know the concentration adjustment into the body properly.

Increase the proportion of male infertility: the substances in tobacco smoke cause chromosome Y in DNA in men lost, increasing the risk of chromosomal change. Besides cancer incidence also gradually increased, the risk of impotence, reduced physiological function will rapidly increase.

Children whose parents smoke develop unusual Everyone wants their children to be happy and have a good future. However, fathers smoke while their mother pregnant, the harm to children is unpredictable. It may be premature births, stillbirths, children born with malnutrition, developmental abnormalities, prone to allergies or reduced lifespan …

Tobacco has Any Benefit for Heath or not?

Tobacco led to 25 related cancers: Maybe you did not know, the toxicity of tobacco is many times higher than cocaine in drug. Just one cigarette will equal 2 amount of 1mg nicotine. Meanwhile, the amount of nicotine in 30-60mg was able to kill a healthy person. This is equivalent to, if you smoke 2 packs of cigarettes for a while, you’ll severely nicotine poisoning.

According to an experiment that not long ago had said: every 1 package of tobacco is used, you have always 4 h burns your life.Surely you see the article has been partially reviewed the benefits and harms of tobacco use daily. The things to lose is too large, you may still want to smoke?