Tobacco Withdrawal Syndrome

The quitters should explain to friends and relatives about tobacco withdrawal symptoms so that they are not too surprised to encounter the “abnormal expression” of this syndrome.

Tobacco Withdrawal Syndrome

However, smoker’s rate who wants to quit is always less than 100% and the success rate of smoking cessation first-time is always below 10%. Tobacco withdrawal syndrome is the main reason make reduction in rate of success in quitting smoking and make many smokers do intend return to the old road.

Twinge after just one day of quitting

When smoking, nicotine stimulates neurons impacts the nervous system arousal as peace of mind, relaxation, pleasure, love of life, increasing the level of awakening, increase concentration, enhance mental performance, reduce weight. Due to the long exposure to nicotine as the brain’s activity being dependent on nicotine, while smoking cessation, nicotine in the blood lose causes the body express  tobacco withdrawal syndrome.
It is a collection of neuropsychiatric and physical manifestations, including affective disorders, sleep disorders – insomnia or sleep more- irritability, angry; feelings of anxiety, insecurity; lose focus on the daily work; feeling of fever chills or shivers, goosebumps; appetite and eat more – may cause gain weight fast and more.
Tobacco withdrawal symptoms usually appear rapidly within 24 hours after quitting, rising to a maximum in 7 days and decrease in 4 -6 weeks. Severity, progression, prominent symptom of nicotine withdrawal syndrome depends on many factors such as the level of addiction of smokers or the severity, the time  smokers exposed to tobacco long or short, neuropsychological characteristics – physical individual.

Be prepare in your mind

Tobacco withdrawal syndrome is considered to be one of the significant barriers that people stop smoking to overcome to achieve successful smoking cessation. The quitters must be clarified regarding tobacco withdrawal syndrome happens during smoking cessation include the characteristics, progression of symptoms, help quitters get peace of mind and do control of the situation when the symptoms occur.

Quit smoking Q&A

Also be prepared for the response plans in each specific situation as anxious disorders, depression, sleep disorders, digestive disorders (constipation), gain weight. The smokers must determine to quit smoking need to prepare the environment and work accordingly, using antidepressants and anti-anxiety before and during smoking cessation, mental counseling if necessary.

Should stay away from high-risk environment interrupting quitting and causing depressive symptoms of anxiety such as avoiding close people smoke, drink and use other stimulants, avoid do the stress job, pressure, emotional conflicts. Even very happy, comfortable, relaxing moment, it’s easy to smoke back.

The quitters are advised to increase the consumption of energy like doing exercise long enough, enough intensity. Time to be advised at least 30 minutes and perform every day of the week. Exercise also helps balance the psychological, improved depressive disorder and anxiety, help find other fun things replace for smoking.
Easy to gain weight when smoking cessation

The changes in eating habits is often seen when quitting, some people quit smoking may be disturbed both eating behavior, with intense hunger cravings, sweet cravings, even the people who previously never had the habit of eating sweet; caused by increased secretion of insulin causes hypoglycemia, appearing sweet cravings, depression symptoms typical or atypical form of eating behavior disorders and increased sleep.

When quit smoking would lead to reduced energy consumption, eating more, caused satiety feeling come late and hungry feeling arrival occurs early when eating, in addition people quit smoking, because the nerve endings of taste and smell much more sensitive, would feel so much better. For heavy smokers, just a few weeks after smoking cessation will increase easily weigh 2-3 kg.

Master – Dr. Le Khac Bao
(Lecturer HCMC Medical University) / Workers Newspaper)