Want to Quit Smoking Effectively, Do Not Abruptly Quit

Many people quit smoking but easy to relapse again. Let’s see following ways to help you quit smoking forever. Tobacco addiction is not merely a habit but an illness. The main cause of addiction is Nicotine (addictive substances) in the composition of tobacco. While smoke that suddenly quit will have symptoms of fatigue, craving, irritability … That is the reason why many people want to quit smoking but they encountered many difficulties while doing it.

The Impact of Tobacco on Physical Health
The Impact of Tobacco on Health In Terms of Mental and Social

Want to Quit Smoking Effectively, Do Not Abruptly Quit

The following article will suggest some methods to control tobacco cravings. Smoking can cause dental problems, most pernicious is lung damage and health, be really brave to give up tobacco. That is the first requirement.

The reason you exposed to tobacco

There are many reasons why we are exposed to cigarette: Friends enticement, social work demands, or simply relax after work. This is easy period to create favorable conditions for each cigarette was lit up. Try replacing it with a cup of soft drink or meditation.

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Becomes “smarter”

In terms of psychological, remember that smoking brings nothing good and start with a life without Nicotine.

Setting a non-smoking day

Choose one day to start planning. Remember that quitting is a long race and not a sprint race. This gives you enough time and persistence to quit. You can easily assess where you often smoke. For example, you mostly smoke at work, but in the weekend you relax at home, choose that day to say no to tobacco.

Want to Quit Smoking Effectively, Do Not Abruptly Quit

Talking with friends, relatives, co-workers that you are giving up cigarettes

Let everyone around know your plan, and enlist the encouragement from them. You will feel elated to be inspired by the people around. This is a significant motivation to help you quit smoking.

Anticipate the difficulties to be overcome

Plan to overcome these obstacles. Most smokers will fail within the first 3 months. So prepared psychologically and chewing gum to dispel Nicotine cravings.

Eliminate things related to tobacco out of life

Throw away everything related to cigarette out in your place. From the office to the car and home. Removing smoke and odor from the body by wash clothes, clean vehicles, curtains, carpets …

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Go see a doctor to get advice

The doctor will help you some medication to help restore health, prevent craving and suggest alternative foods. A number of alternative products against cravings are on sale in pharmacies. Enlist the support of those around will help you feel more confident and dynamic.

Avoid habits related to tobacco

Many people have given up smoking because they often use tobacco and alcohol. Try to switch to non-alcoholic drinks while you were out. Eating snacks or nuts to chew food occupied your mind.

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The social work could inadvertently make you return to the original loop, if the habit of positive changes you almost have grasped the key to quit smoking. Let people smoke around you know that they are not allowed to smoke in your home or in your car.

Many smokers often end up breakfast with a cigarette. It’s a hard habit but try replacing it with a bar of chocolate or a stick of gum.