When is the Most Suitable Time to Quit Smoking?

A study has shown that smokers who quit smoking often successful due to special events, milestones in your life or the decision were made suddenly. These”surprise” dynamics will urge smokers converted thinking into action for themselves avoid one of the causes of death. Here is the time you should take advantage of if you want to quit this harmful habit.

In The New Year

In the early days of the New Year, each person often raises new target will do in the new year. According to the survey, there are about 7 million people aims to improve their health and quit smoking at this time of year.

To quit smoking effectively, you should divide large goals into smaller goals. You will have extra motivation when see the improvement of yourself passed a small milestone instead of trying to make big goal in vain. Sometimes, let’s reward yourself for that progress. You tell your friends that you are quit smoking because they can help you by reminding every time you are about to “break the rules”. Focus on financial benefits as well as one of the good momentums helps you quit smoking.

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When is the Most Suitable Time to Quit Smoking

When pregnancy

Smoking can alter estrogen hormone levels and follicle-stimulating hormone. Toxins in tobacco can damage the oocytes; even destroy oocyte, to cause serious impact to the reproductive health of women. Smoking is also the cause of many diseases such as menstrual disorders, cervical cancer, breast cancer …

Tobacco smoke has a negative effect on the baby and if you continue to smoke during pregnancy, it can meet the potential risks such as miscarriage, premature birth, the baby may be born underweight or birth defects … Even secondhand smoke can cause infertility. So, if you really want to have a healthy family and especially when deciding to have a new member for the small family, this is the most logical reason for you to quit smoking.

If lucky, you will not stand smoke when morning sickness, this will help you to quit smoking easier. You utilize the hormonal and behaviors changes during pregnancy to avoid nicotine.

World No Tobacco Day

Approximately one million smokers in the world, especially women, taking World No Tobacco Day (31/5) as the target quit smoking and many of them were successful. As estimated of No Smoking Day fund, around 1.5 million people have successfully quit smoking thanks to World No Tobacco Day since the movement was initiated in 1983.

This is the right time because you know that you are not alone – there are also thousands of others who are trying to quit with you. During this day, there are usually many big and small events taking place. The media, TV, newspapers are also have many messages. This is a motivation for you.

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When should get in shape

When you start an exercise program, you recognize the signs related to smoking influence on doing exercise as difficulty breathing, shallow breathing … endurance of smokers unstable than non-smokers and the recovery ability after training is also longer. But you quit, you will see that your health is improved, symptoms such as dyspnea disappeared. So let’s take the opportunity to quit.

According to research findings, the exercise routine helps you improve morale and reduce cigarette cravings when in the first stage of quiting and help you avoid gain weight.

When is the Most Suitable Time to Quit Smoking

When you are father/mother

If you want to spend time playing with your child, smoke will harm your baby. The passive smoking subject is at risk of death or diseases such as allergies, asthma, chest infections and difficulty breathing … equivalents as direct smokers.

Many people stay away from their child or even to another room to smoke, but the risk has not been eliminated completely. When you open for ventilation, the smoke is still present in the atmosphere to 2 hours and a half later. You can not see or smell the toxic but nicotine is remained in the air. Think that smoking cessation is not because of you but also for your children.

When sick

Cigarettes are strictly prohibited in hospital. So if unfortunately you have to stay in hospital, please take advantage of this opportunity. If you have surgery, you should know that stopping smoking will help faster wound recovery and less postoperative complications.

If you are sick, even life-threatening, quitting tobacco can change your life. According to the study, we can see the effects of cigarette smoke on you just in 20 minutes after smoking.