Why Do People Smoke? Why Do Young Men Often Like Smoking?

Why Do People Smoke? Why Do Young Men Often Like Smoking? Smoking is a bad habit for health, can cause lung cancer, depression… but many people must try and have strong determination to quit. Yet many young people still calmly smoking? Is there a strong appeal from cigarettes? Or they smoke for any special reason?

When you happy, you smoke; when you sad, you smoke… or simply because smoking is a habit. That is the thinking of many young people although it was not good for health.

The Impact of Tobacco on Physical Health
The Impact of Tobacco on Health In Terms of Mental and Social

Why Do People Smoke? Why Do Young Men Often Like Smoking?

Why do young people like to smoke?

Young people from 17 to 35 years old accounted for the highest percentage of smoking groups (approximately 69%). There are many people smoke 5-7 cigarettes per day but most often consume 2/3 to 1 packet, even more. Why do they smoke?

1. Shown bravery. A man holds a tobacco in hand and close eyes enjoying and release smoke around, that’s the authentic man of many thoughts. Both drink café and chatting, parties after work or weekend shifts, tobacco is indispensable thing in the bag. They find themselves mature, determined than other people. These new people to start smoking is proud because I have grown up, proved more skillful in obtaining and releasing steam, as if reminding people around: “I’m a strong man.”

2. As a social requirement, the job, partners and customers or friends invite smoking a cigarette. If you don’t know to smoke, what will happen?

Catch and smoke one is a polite action. Not only that, it also helps the atmosphere of the conversation easier, the work was resolved quickly. That is the reason why many young people to start smoking, especially those who start working. Not only that, your class also shows in the internal or external tobacco, lighters are branded or not

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Why Do People Smoke? Why Do Young Men Often Like Smoking?

3. The surroundings environment

Dad Smoking, why children not? Many of you desire to grow up to be like his dad, just holding a cigarette and a sip coffee, read the newspaper. Silly thought, but it presents in young people, especially those aged 15-17. Father and brother smoke, the chances of children smoke are very high.

Apart from family influence, they also can not deny the enticement, provocative from friends. Look in your group everyone is manly with tobbaco; they could hardly resist the temptation. Not Smoking will be see as weak,
Furthermore, tobacco is present everywhere, from the port, road, grocery shop to café, restaurant or café … Too easy to buy and smoke.

4. Reduce stress

Nicotine from tobacco will stimulate the nerve neuron dilated, so that smokers feel comfortable, get rid of stress, headaches job. And they see cigarettes as salvage when calculating the books, find out how to solve the work … Many students also smoke to pass the exam. When has it, consume piles of knowledge is not too difficult. Night work, tobacco may help them forget sleepiness and more focused.

Business failures, malfunctions life is also reason to lead the young people to smoke. Happy, smoke; Sad, smoke. When used them for long time and can not give up. Whether at home, on the road, walking in the park, working … tobacco are important as food and water.

Why Do People Smoke? Why Do Young Men Often Like Smoking?


It does not make you look manly anymore!

Modern man is elegant, progressive, hard work, know how to behave, treat people around, especially women, children, old people … and a cigarette in hand can not decide the character of man. However, when smoke, you also leave not good impression in the eyes of people around. Tobaccos, alcohol … makes you look like an alcoholic, just follow the unhelpful thing.

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The tobacco is the sharpest murder weapon. According to WHO statistics, more than 600 people die each year from tobacco. Smoke goes directly into the lungs with toxic substances such as nicotine, benzopyrene, CO … will cause a series of diseases such as lung destruction and respiratory apparatus, lung cancer, mucosal lesions, candidiasis, periodontal, oral cancer, yellow and dull skin … Tobacco smoke has also been put in Group A in the list of carcinogens as containing more than 200 toxic chemicals, 69 carcinogens that people are bring in body and then receive sickness and death fastest. Smoking habits also impair the ability of sex of men because of toxins that enter the body health will decline, disorders and inhibit the activity of some endocrine glands and hormones, including sex hormone. Moreover, under the impact of toxic chemicals, sperm quality will diminish with time and dosage. Let’s thinking “adults” when you put a cigarette to mouth!

Do not smoke, you can do more meaningful things. Average Vietnamese man spent 20,000 (nearly $ 1) for tobacco. That’s not to mention the accompanying terms of tobacco as coffee, alcohol, money treating cold, cough, pneumonia, sore throat, cancer … You will have hundreds of thousand dong to pay houses cost, petrol, buy food, leaving the jar or for children, parents … If still in school, you should leave the money for breakfast, buy learning materials, reference books will be better than burning in tobacco. Save any amount is intelligent calculation of modern man.

Why Do People Smoke? Why Do Young Men Often Like Smoking?

Nobody likes people smoking

You think you’re a real man? The truth is that the people around, especially women, will be very upset when man smoke a cigarette because of unpleasant odors, waste of money … Only 15% of women around the world not protest men do that , mostly are smokers. Cigarette smoke is one of the factors causing environmental pollution that human life is trying to prevent by prohibiting and sanctioning those who violate the public. Therefore, do not think you are strong and modern with extremely bad habit. When saw a girl, so maybe you will be eliminated in the first round with bad breath, yellow teeth. Parents certainly protest if they discover their children start smoking and bring disease in the body and waste many times to quit smoking.