Why is Smoking Bad for You? Why Smoking is Harmful to Health?

Why is Smoking Bad for You? Why Smoking is Harmful to Health? We all know that smoking is harmful to health, but not everyone knows why. Let BLOG indicate the reasons that tobacco harms us, maybe even take away our lives.

1. Smoking can cause cancer
Everyone has heard that smoking causes cancer, but if you just think that smoking just causes lung cancer , you were wrong. Smoking causes cancer of a type of parts such as the nose, mouth, larynx, trachea, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, kidney, bladder, cervix and blood. How does tobacco may cause harm to so many parts? Did you know that the nature of the smoke is smoke the hard substance produced from the incomplete combustion of tobacco. In the smoke has over 4,000 chemicals, mostly toxic substances, 43 substances are carcinogenic toxin, combined with the temperature of the smoke, alter cells, causing them  increase the number in not controlled ways, thereby causing cancer.

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2. Causing wrinkles and premature aging
We are trying to combat the formation of wrinkles in many different ways, from creams to diet accordingly, to cosmetic surgery. But did you know that just quit smoking, we will relieve a lot of wrinkles, even up to half the number of wrinkles on the face. The reason is that smoking caused the formation of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, dark spots, puffiness, and dark and dry skin. Why tobacco cause harm to the skin? It is caused by the chemicals in cigarette smoke that makes the tiny capillaries under the skin become blocked, preventing blood nourishing the skin. Because of anemia and lack of oxygen to the skin becomes lifeless. Smokers in the long run will cause severe skin lesions, lack of elastin and collagen, thus forming wrinkles.

Why is Smoking Bad for You? Why Smoking is Harmful to Health?

3. Weakening Heart
According to the study, the smokers are at risk for heart disease and stroke higher 2 to 4 times than those who do not smoke. In addition, smokers have risk of lung cancer 25 times higher than non-smokers. The reason: the chemicals in cigarette affect the composition of the blood, making the blood thicker, easier to form blood clots. In addition, these chemicals also cause blockage of blood vessels, increased blood pressure, increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

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4. Reduces lung capacity, increases the risk of lung disease
Cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals and in particular when passing through the lungs and throughout our bodies in general, these chemicals leave significant amounts. These residues are left behind will gradually more up, clog the lungs, causing breathlessness and lung operations difficult. Due to lack of oxygen and blood in many parts of the body, we can easily fatigue, breathlessness.

Why is Smoking Bad for You? Why Smoking is Harmful to Health?

Research has shown that smoking causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, lung infections, asthma, and increases the risk of tuberculosis.

5. Brittle bones
Many studies have been conducted and found that smoke causes loss of bone density by increasing the solubility of calcium from the bones. The reduced density of phenomena leading to early osteoporosis, especially in women who smoke, joint pain and even tooth loss due to decreased bone density too low. It also causes calcium loss: the break bones, fractures, and impaired wound healing.

6. Broken tooth
Cigarettes contain tar – a widow make our enamel turn into yellow. Asphalt is hard to scrub by brush, but it will make us broken enamel permanently. Also, the smoke also harms the beneficial bacteria in the mouth, increased salivation and therefore makes tar holds on enamel.

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7. Bad breath
Cigarettes not only make us have bad breath, but also caused many problems related to digestion, throat infections, and infected mouth wide range of chemicals. Bad breath is not only because the mouth doesn’t clean but not the deeper reasons, more serious is due to throat and stomach diseases. Therefore, smokers have bad breath but very difficult to treat, even cure is impossible.

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8. It can be blinding
Cigarettes donot only affect the lungs but also affect vision. According to the study that smoking increases the risk of eye diseases such as cataract, the diseases of aging such as macular degeneration, affects the optic nerve and can lead to blindness.  Smoking not only causes changes perceived as: damaged enamel, foul-smelling breath, skin wrinkles, … but also a great influence to many different parts of the body, make us having a lot of serious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, … Think before smoking a cigarette.